Apr 11, 2014

visitors + my proudest moment as a mom + my favorite day of carter's life = a really great week

we have been feeling better this week and we are so very happy about it. over the weekend, some of our most favorite friends came to visit us. (i'm so proud that i actually got a picture with them this time too! weird how hard it is..) it was general conference over the weekend so along with watching 10 hours of church -which was awesome- we also had time to swim, watch movies, swim, go out to dinner, and swim some more. a relaxing weekend was greatly appreciated especially by daron who is in his last month of grad school! we have 1 month left. i can't believe it. it's going to be a crazy one. i don't even let myself say the word "graduation" because we're in that limbo realm where life after school feels so close yet so far away.

swimming with carter is quite the treat. i think he loves water almost as much as we love him. almost. his new favorite thing is splashing! he's like a little energizer bunny splashing style that never stops. i keep telling myself that i need to teach him not to splash because it can be annoying for people but he is so cute doing it and has so much fun i can't. 
i don't have the heart yet. 

gettin' warmed up...
gettin' in his groove...
and really doin' his thing!
^our one and only picture! baby steps.

also, this week i had my proudest moment as a mom.  

on wednesday morning, daron and i finished saying our morning prayers and we opened our eyes to see carter standing with his arms folded bowing his head. his tiny forearms folded on top of each other with his even tinier fingers poking out. i'm positive my heart skipped a beat. i can't believe how cute a 1 year old is praying. after he realized we were done, he started giggling like crazy. little stinker always knows when he does something we will adore. 
^trying to fold his arms this morning. i love.

i have always been nervous about the stage when your child starts copying you. mainly because all the bad things i don't want my kids to catch on to swirl around in my head. but since i've been too busy worrying about all the bad things they might catch on to i forgot about all the good! i don't think i'll ever forget that image of him.

and lastly, yesterday i said to daron 
- i quote - 
"today was my favorite day of cater's life." 
warning: it's possible that i am overly-sentimental because this week is the last week i am nursing carter. actually, this morning was the last time. 
i can't believe i just typed those words. 
a part of my heart dies a little thinking about it. 
i'm not going to start writing about it because it will be a really long tangent. 
bottom line: 
(sentimental or not) 
yesterday was one of those days where it almost felt too good to be true. 

nothing significant happened. 
we did our normal thing. 

ate breakfast, 
played with a balloon, 
took our usual walk, 
carter napped, 
we had lunched, 
went to disney land 
(which was actually terribly crowded and would be considered a negative disney land experience) 
then carter napped again, 
we ate dinner, 
played with the balloon some more, 
read books, 
and daron, 
like he always does when he can, 
put him to bed.

i can't explain why the day was perfect. 
everything was just - good. 
the simple things throughout the day brought joy. 
i think that's what this whole family thing is all about. 

a few randoms from our perfect day -
because i want to remember it.

Apr 4, 2014

friday favs

just a few of my favorite photos...
from this week and last!

*not pictured: 3 days of horrific teething where carter walked around naked with chocolate dr00l all over him from about the 100th m&m he had eaten that day. 
out of the kindness of my heart, i spared you those photos... 
but i couldn't resist documenting the full picture of our last two weeks! ;)
teething = good times
said no one ever...

thankfully, i think today things are lookin' up!
happy weekend

Apr 1, 2014

kiss and clap

there are about a million and one things i love about carter's age. one day, i am going to get around to writing a little post about all the different things that carter does that make my day. his little 1-year-old self just kills me. a few weeks ago, we taught carter how to give kisses and it is my favorite thing he has learned thus far! if you say, "carter! give me kisses!" he gets this little sly grin on his face as he slowly brings his face to your cheek and then plants his itty bitty lips on you. then, thanks to my incredibly over the top reactions, he proudly claps for himself while looking to all for an applause. oh man, it's just the best...