Mar 26, 2012

it's time to go go

3 days 3 nights...
3 days 3 nights...

until we enjoy palm springs
for the very first time.
as a southern CA native,
this supposedly is a crime to not have been to this city yet.

quite frankly, i never really understood why.
until i saw these pictures.
i understood.

thanks to our friends tanner and joellen,
we'll be staying at the la quinta resort.
it's been said that famous people pop in
on occasion.

unfortunately for my dad 
(who gets quite embarrassed at my ability to become very star struck...
por ejemplo: david beckham..cough..cough..)
i am sooo hoping we see one!
it would just be so fun. :)

i just have to get through a presentation,
paper, lots of sewing, and a BIO exam first.
here we go!

Mar 18, 2012

t.v. ---it affects our brains.

last night, daron and I watched the latest episode of grey's anatomy.
(if you don't want to know what happens...
stop right here.)
at the end, you find out owen is in fact cheating on his wife christina. 
very sad.
anyway, that's not the point.
the point is, i woke up this morning asking daron
(while still half asleep) 
if he had cheated on me.

i had this horrible dream that he cheated on me during 
our first 6 months of marriage (i won't reveal with who)
...then never told me...
then we got divorced. 
then we were getting remarried.
you know, weird dream stuff that feels so real
you find yourself feeling your dream is your
reality during the first 10 seconds of waking up.

needless to say, it was quite the relief to realize 
it was just a dream.

i found myself thinking about how much the things we let enter our brains
affects them. did you know that everything that enters our brains never leaves? we may not be able to recall it easily, but it is always there...filed away in the section that it belongs, forever. 
that's a long time...just sayin'.

i compare watching t.v. shows about wild infidelity and cheating to movies like this one (below.)
and i can't help to notice the difference my brain feels.

i will master time management.
i will master filling my time with those things that matter most,
those things of eternal value.
one day...i will.  
one step at a time. 

Mar 7, 2012

laundry room bliss

i walk past this room now and my heart sings. what used to make me feel a little bit of anxiety now feels like a breath of fresh air. i used to put the folded laundry in stacks on top of the dryer and lay my clothes to dry over the washer. daron cleaned it on Sunday and made a few changes. 

simply put.
he is the bomb.com.

Mar 4, 2012

this weekend.

daron and i layed low. i threw a wrench in the weekend by having to take an exam on a friday night. oh how i will not miss these days. but then daron had the pleasure of taking an exam on saturday and meeting up with me for lunch. i love lunch dates with my lover. it is something we rarely ever get to do. after my test, i was pretty stressed and just exhausted. i came home and daron sees something in my hair. it is none other than chocolate frozen yogurt...ha! i about died. then we laughed for hours. he said he was going to be surprised if i didn't get yogurt on the way home. and it was obvious that i did. 

i did end up proposing to daron on leap year (with the above flowers). and you know, it was the strangest thing. i was nervous. to propose. to my husband. of almost 2 years! and it was obviously a joke like ha ha this is tradition type of thing. but getting down on one knee even just for kicks gave me little butterflies. i have a new found respect for men in the world.

tonight we spoiled our dinner with dessert and listened to some of the most wonderful words of wisdom. i love words of wisdom. they are uplifting and warmth to the soul. on that note, you have to watch this video if you haven't already. oh my, it is one of my favorites. i had to chuckle at the too many soiled windows in my life. 
looking forward to, what i hope to be, a little less stressful week. yay!