Jun 30, 2011

It's the little things


the truth is i needed this small gesture...isn't it the weirdest thing that the people you love the most can hurt you the  most? someone else can say something rude/mean/insensitive and i hardly notice. then daron says something nice/funny/ingenious and i find a way to take it wrong. seriously...i think i almost have a talent in it. (i know i know, no bueno)

anyway, he knew i was sad but we couldn't talk so he decided to send me a little message. when i saw these heart hands i just couldn't help but forget why i was even being a sensitive weirdo. i really do believe its the little things in life. the more we appreciate those the happier this world would be.

well i have one word for this weekend. FAMILIA. all of the them. that's right. the whole gang. and i am excited as a jumping jelly bean. i am prepared for:

~stadium of fire
~swimming all day long
~getting absolutely no sleep
~chatting till i can't chat anymore
~not being able to walk ( the machine, oh oops sorry, i mean courtney is training for the st. george marathon and needs a "running partner." i am so scared. i am going to die. sisters. what we do for each other. crazy things i tell you.)
~and most likely a rodeo, because that is what we do almost every 4th of july. 

sure do love independence day. i am one proud citizen of this country.

Jun 28, 2011

Opposites Attract ain't no lie

tall - short.
blonde - brunette.
fair - olive.
blue eyed, brown eyed.
logical - emotional.
predictable - spontaneous.
articulate - rambler.
intelligent - getting there.
a facts guy - a feelings girl.
mountain man - beach gal.
morning cuddler - night cuddler.
impressive - herself.

each week i realize just how fitting the name really is...

Jun 27, 2011

tid bits from grandma JO

i spent the weekend with my grandma JO. she told me so many things i had never known before that i just don't want to forget. here are just a few:

*i am a tinsy tiny part swedish! who knew!? i always tell daron i feel bad i am ruining his practically pure swedish blood, which i still am, but i didn't know i was adding a drop of that swedish blood to the mix! my great great grandmother was from sweden. Her name was Carolyn Nelson.

*my Grandpa Lou was a funny guy. i never knew that. my grandpa died when i was in the 5th grade and he was sick my entire life. he actually forgot who i was on occassion. one time, my grandparents were babysitting us kids and my brother b.j. lost me. he frantically ran up to my grandpa and said "Grandpa! where is Dani Bree!? I can't find her!" my grandpa responded "who the hell is Dani Bree?" haha (sorry Mom) but seriously, how funny is that. anyway, i had never known where my dad got his skill of story telling and now i know.

*i have ancestors that were in the Willie handcart company. Sarah Ann Oakey was 4 years old when she crossed the plains (my 3 greats grandmother). Her sister, Rhoda Rebecca Oakey was the last person to die on that trail. She was 10 years old and was piled in a grave with several other children. Recently, she was depicted by an artist who has started painting people of the Willie handcart company. the painting gives me that fiery burn inside.

(her grave in the slc cemetery, also makes my heart swell)

*Life gives you circumstances and you do the best with what you got.  As i would talk to my grandmother about hard situations of her life (ex: her husband being diagnosed with liver disease and having 10 more years to live) i would ask her how she handled news like that. she consistently would say "well, i didn't think about it much. that is how it was and i just did the best i could." not everything about handling things in this way is perfect, but it sure eliminates complaining...and that is one thing i learned. my grandma JO does not complain. what a slap in the face to me. i complain about the dumbest things possible while my grandmother is 88 years old, has lived alone for 11 years (which has to be lonely at times) and never complains. incredible i tell ya. she has motivated me to cut down on my "wo is me" comments (which just so happened to be in large quantities this past week) and get a grip. sometimes a slap in the face is good.

Grandma- you are an example of strength and courage to me. i am so glad i got learn more about you and the family. until next time :)

Jun 25, 2011

hey look, i met the maybe future president

fact: my mom and i waited for over an hour outside on burning hot asphalt to meet the GOP candidate
fact: Mitt Romney is h.a.n.d.s.o.m.e. (my mom and i both agree)
fact: Ann Romney had a more moving speech. i am pretty sure i was almost choked up.
fact: i got to shake Mitt Romney's hand.  Instead of having something important/intellectual to say (like everyone else) i started screaming like he was a rock star. i am pretty sure i don't really fit into these political rally things but it was still quite the experience.

look for my hand.. it comes on at second 32. sure wish i got my face after

fact: a guy from FOX news came over to me and asked me all these questions. my mind was completely blank and the only thing i can remember saying was "uhhhh cause i agree with him...??" i hate when i crumble under pressure.
fact: i was SO close to getting a picture with Romney. my mom told me to run over to a woman in a wheelchair and stand next to her because she was sure Romney wouldn't pass her up. (is that terrible or what) anyway, Romney was JUST about to us when a guy ran over to him and told him there was a guy leaving that he needed to talk to. total bummer. next time. that's probably what i get for using the disabled.

well, it was a first for me. and i really love experiencing "firsts" i am glad we went. thanks to NieNie for filling me in. i wouldn't have known without her.
and look at this car. i was in love. i may want to add this to my horses and tree house... convertible style.



Jun 23, 2011


i am always telling daron that if we end up living in utah that will be fine but i have 2 requests.

1. horses

2. a beloved tree swing

Oh how I have been dreaming of having these 2 things for a long, long time. Grace, Idaho...it was here that i experienced horses and a tree swing for the very first time. i can remember climbing up that tree over and over with all of the millions of cousins. daron, as you can tell, is a little too big for it. but i made him try it out anyway because he had to experience something i love so much.

now, i just have one problem. i am pretty sure daron doesn't realize when i tell him this i am serious...dead serious. so for now, i can dream and slowly but surely convince my man that horses and a tree swing are "logical and make sense for us to have."

crap, wish me luck. this may take a while...

Jun 21, 2011

yes and no, facts that make me, me.

if you don't enjoy random, this may not be for you.

-no, i do not own an iPod (that works). i listen to the radio everyday. switching stations every other minute trying to avoid commercials. 

-yes, i sit so close to the steering wheel it physically hurts daron to enter my car and the air bag is sure to kill me instead of save me. 

-yes, i really do not like shopping. ("h" word not used only because i was taught that word is not nice). it is true that i have slowly started/am trying to tolerate it only because i entered a family that loves (understatement) it and i don't want my children to look like homeless hoodlums. it's possible they still will but hopefully that is where daron will do the whole "make up for where i lack" thing

-no, i do not like doughnuts, mayonnaise, alfredo sauce, asparagus, jicama, mushrooms, and grapefruit.

-yes, i am trying to like all of the above.

-yes, i am obsessed with one piece bathing suits right now. looking at them of course. not buying. i wish. ha

-yes, i have a habit of talking to myself. yes i have been caught by my husband on several occassions. and my imaginary friend when i was younger was named kelly (she was from colorado). ironic eh? what can i say. i tell myself i am imaginative.

no, i do not own a straightener, or blush, or face make up, or deoderant. no i have not worn deoderant for years. gasp? t.m.i. definitely. it all started cause my mom told me they think deodorant may be causing breast cancer in women. haven't worn it since.

yes, my new hobbies i want to pick up include: sewing, family history/geneology, learning spanish, and making my own earrings. 

-no, i cannot work a computer. i am of the first generation of the technological boom and still cannot "search" well, figure out twitter, upload pictures, videos, etc. i didn't even put this blog together. the credit of that goes to the hubby and friend shelby.

-yes, i like canned pineapple better than fresh pineapple. and the pit of an avacado makes me go wild.

-yes, i take prenatal pills. 

-NO, daron and i are not trying to make babies. they are for my hair, of course. and hey, accidents happen. better to be prepared, don't ya think?

-yes, i may be in my birthday suit, while in my house, more than i am clothed.

-no, i do not have a career path ahead of me, and no i am not sure what i am doing after i graduate

-yes, the greatest thing i look forward to in this life is being a mom. as of now, i am hoping 6 little ones will call me "mom". but who knows, ask me after 1 and maybe i will say 3.

learn something new?
tah tah!

Jun 19, 2011

a picnic for lovers...inside. darn weather.

daron is no daddy yet. but i sure look forward to the day when he is. that is why we still celebrated! with a picnic that resided in our living room. 

marriage. it's a wonderful thing. 2 people together bring different strengths and weaknesses. where i am a slacker, daron makes up for it. and vice versa. (hopefully). daron has the ability to love people for the good and the bad. accept all of someone. as i am married to him longer i realize what a precious gift this is, especially for when we have little ones one day.

ironically i found a letter from my dad about 2 days ago. the date on it: 5-30-07. still have it. i can't really describe how this letter makes me feel. overwhelmed (in a very positive way), with feelings like gratitude and luckiness. (a word? debatable). 

Dad. You mean the world to me.
i can't wait for the day when i get to tell my children all about you.
i will tell them of your hard work, commitment to God and family, your integrity, honesty and diligence. how loyal you are. and of course, how you are the best story teller of all.
one day, they will see you tell your stories. and we will laugh till we cry.

i love you. 

and i have to say how blessed i am to have the wonderful father-in law that i do.
and thank him for being the incredible father he is and raising the man i get to spend forever with. thank you.

Jun 17, 2011

Alone for the night

[Daron- Pre RAGNAR]

I am a proud wifey today.
My hubby is running RAGNAR (as many of you know).

This is going to be a very big accomplishment for a guy who hadn't ran a day in his life
before a month ago. 
 I really tried/attempted to warn him just how bad this may hurt.
It's hard to explain to a guy who has never been in a race before.
Let's just hope this cute face is still as cute after he runs 16 miles over the next 24 hours.

I visited him at work today to just give him one more 'good luck'
We made our way on over to none other than our favorite quickie restaurant Chipotle.
mmm...so dang good.

I suggested to Daron that he may want to eat just half his burrito and save the other half for after his run. yeah...he said that idea got thrown out the window after his first bite haha
i just love my eating machine.

So, this means i will be all by my lonesome tonight.
no need for your pitty here. 
the last time (which was the first time) daron left me to have a night by myself
i just went to maggie moos, got 3 scoopes of ice cream on top of a waffle cone and watched a movie in our basement.
yeah, i think i will be fine.

Jun 15, 2011

Moments that Matter Most

This video makes my heart sing.
It touches me every time.
It gives me a boost of motivation and puts my chin up for the day.

The talk this movie came from changed my life forever.
I'm so glad I was reminded of everything I had learned from President Uchtdorf's words.
It's so easy to forget!

Jun 14, 2011

Mare Bear

Oh how i miss you like a fat boy loves cake.
i don't even think that makes sense. 
lately, i have been missing our laughing sessions that lasted all day
and all night. laughing at the stupidest things that we thought were hilarious.
laughing so hard tears would roll down our faces, our mouths were as wide as they could be,
but no sound coming out.

oh how your mission drags on. i know its a wonderful thing but i think its lame
you had to leave. of course you are having incredible experiences that are changing you forever and of course
i am so happy for you but sometimes i just like to complain about how you are gone. because i miss you so much.

you are just irreplaceable.
me, lindsay, and jess---we are having a great time.
we get together and laugh and laugh. just like nothing has changed.
but you always come up in our conversations about how we wish you were there.

how grateful we are that we have your friendship.
how blessed we feel to be such good friends with you.
we are so lucky. so so lucky.
i sometimes wonder why i got to be so fortunate to have you as a friend.
i'll never know why Heavenly Father blessed me with such a wonderful person,
but i could thank him a 1,000 times and still, that would not be enough.

go get em' tiger.
those frenchies got nothin' on you!
you are the bomb.com

Jun 13, 2011


Are you so proud of me? :)

I know you probably cannot believe your eyes. But yes, I did in fact wash my very own car on Saturday.


your daughter is growin' up...fast!
And luckily has a very patient husband that is willing to teach her everything she doesn't know. ( A LOT) what would i do without him~!?

p.s. did anyone see/read this article?

business weekly-------- "God's MBAs: Why Mormon Missions Produce Leaders"

check it out!! and have a lovely monday
                                       Mine will be filled with:
                                                 -writing letters to my missionaries
                                                 -running (attempting)
                                                 -taking care of Frank/work
                                                 -going to P-town
                                                 -enjoying the bachy bachy. yes I am watching the bachelorette. yes I should be ashamed. yes it makes me so happy that I am a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d. it's so dumb? why do i love it so much? its the drama. my life has none. so i am currently living through ashley hebert. i love J.P.

(ooo just realized FHE isn't in there. someone's gotta get their priorities straight!)

Jun 11, 2011

My lovely self

Early in the morning.
Right after I have woken up.
With mushroom head.

(Isn't Daron lucky?...don't answer that haha)

Recently my mother told me that I don't put the cutest pictures of myself on my blog.
(mothers honesty- i have truly come to appreciate it. and no doubt, will be the same way with my future daughters)
At first I didn't believe her. 
Then, the truth came out.
I not only do not put the cutest pictures up on here but I also don't send Daron
the most attractive pictures 
(the above picture being one of them)
the other day at work, during a little bit of down time, i started going through the pictures on my camera phone. and i couldn't help but laugh. ALL but one look very similar to this.
(i will spare you by putting up more examples)

the point is, this doesn't make me sad. it makes me happy.
i write on this blog so that mine and daron's kids can have glimpses of life
before them. and so our family and friends can see how we are really doing.

we have frumpy tired days.
grungy lazy days.
put together days.
and everything in between.

life is good.

Jun 9, 2011

Thoroughly Disturbed

Tyrone Spellman, 27, of Philadelphia, was convicted of third-degree murder for killing his 17-month old daughter in a rage over a broken Xbox.

Ohio teen Daniel Petric shot his parents, killing his mother, after they took away his copy of Halo 3 in October 2007.

New Mexico woman Rebecca Colleen Christie was convicted of second degree murder and child abandonment, and sentenced to 25 years in prison, for allowing her 3 and a half-year-old daughter to die of malnutrition and dehydration while occupied with chatting and playing World of Warcraft online.

In November 2010 in South Philadelphia, Kendall Anderson, 16, killed his mother for taking away his PlayStation by hitting her 20 times with a claw hammer while she slept.


I am pretty sure I am way behind. 
(I know I am)
But I had NO IDEA these stories existed and I cannot help but be thoroughly disturbed.
Somehow,  I can't remember how, the topic of "world of war craft" came up.
Today was the first day I had ever even heard of it.
L-HAM was showing me what it was all about and we stumbled upon 
the "notable deaths" (as they refer to them) occurring during or because
of video games.

So far there are notable deaths in:
South Korea
United States

Obviously this is a tiny part of the population
I am in utter shock that these stories even exist.
These people actually get to the point where their cyber world becomes
So much so that they would starve themselves and their family members.
Where do the instincts to survive come in?
I am just so so confused how this is even possible.

All I know, is that this is just another testament of how wonderful and terrible the internet can be.
It blows my mind how something can bring so much good and so much horror at the same time.

Even though these are extreme cases, (very very  VERY extreme)
it is a good reminder to always be careful with our use of the internet, who we communicate to,
who we "look" at, and the precious time that may or may not be using wisely.
It was a good reminder for me anyway...
well on that depressing note.

hope everyone enjoyed a joyous june, 8 2011! :) haha 
Daron and I are going to watch the next episode of
AMERICA: the story of us

This 12 episode documentary is fabulous and actually really helps at educating me!
For some reason I remember the info more when I watch it then when I read it out of a text book.
I think that is a bad thing.
Oh well.
I recommend it. Very uplifting!

Jun 8, 2011


I do not know what has gotten into me.
I have always thought politics were important but 
I cannot stop researching things about the upcoming candidates
and figuring out who I like and who I don't and everything about them.

All night last night I was looking up articles and interviews to figure out 
all the info. This is the one part of t.v. that I miss.
I do not want to be out of the loop on this stuff!
Oh well, the internet will have to do for now...

Usually  I am not very opinionated when it comes to politics because 
I haven't been as educated as I would liked to be.
I am anything but a guru now...but I will say I have taken a lot more of 
an interest.

This guy ( Mitt Romney) isn't perfect. He has definitely made me wonder why he has made 
some of the decisions he has. And even though it is very early on and I could change my mind,
I have decided something.

I like him a lot.
(i said it!)
I like him so much I FINALLY joined the tweeting world just so I could follow him.
I texted "GO" to 466488 so that I could get mobile updates.
I also actually went to the site 'mittromney.com

anyone who knows me, knows this is very unusual.
I am not a web browser/surfer whatever they are.
I don't really know how to use search engines that well
or find things on the internet.

I don't know why I have been so hesitant to tell people that i like him.
Maybe because many people say he doesn't have a chance and that no one will vote for him.
And the media especially has some serious quarrels with this guy.
But I don't even care. 
I'm done hiding in the closet.

As of right now, I like MITT.
And I will support him.
(sounds nice to me :) 

Jun 6, 2011

moving on to bigger and better

Remember when our "New Love" = the vitamix?

Oh how times have changed. 
Baby Ellie = Our New Love 

Some of you may feel the need to remind me that baby Ellie
is not our child. haha don't worry. I am unfortunately aware :)
She is just so precious. 
I never realized how wonderful newborns are.
Just straight out of heaven. It doesn't get better (well I guess it does...when they are your own!  ha...but still...)

It's just been the greatest to have someone close to me go through this
before I will. I think I have gotten somewhat of a real picture. 
It definitely makes you realize what actually matters.

The fancy cars, the trips, the love of money and fame go out the window.
(figuratively speaking)
All of a sudden, nothing else matters.
You realize that raising little you's will ultimately bring you the most joy. 
Daron has received the nickname "baby hogger"
Yup. that's right.

I have to say its been so fun to see Daron interact with Ellie.
It makes me fall in love with him all over again. 
and again. and again. and again...