May 10, 2016


A few of my favorite photos of Naomi during her first year from my iPhone. How much they change in one short year!? I forgot so many things about her... like those delicious cheeks she had and her mohawk that had a mind of its own! I often say Naomi is the sweetest baby that ever lived. At one, she can wave, give the best kisses, say hi, bye, and mama. She is much more social than her older brother was as a baby waving to anyone she can. Often, I will be in a store and not realize she is waving and saying "hi" to the person behind us in line. She loves food more than life and will eat just about anything you put in front of her. She will not sleep if there is a party going on and gets very upset if I try to put her down. She will sit in my lap for minutes at a time (also very different from her brother) and has a calm, peaceful disposition. The only time she gets grumpy is if I don't feed her fast enough. She has the cutest nose scrunch you ever saw and makes our family so incredibly happy. 

We love you more than life itself, Naomi. Happy Birthday!!!!!

May 9, 2016


Naomi's first birthday a few weeks ago has had me incredibly nostalgic about the past year of our lives as a family of four.  A certain moment I keep replaying over and over in my mind because it was so, so good was the moment my two babies met for first time.

I remember the day like yesterday. Carter was bursting with excitement to meet Naomi. A friend had stopped by and while Daron was showing off Naomi to her, Carter ran inside the house straight to her room. When she wasn't there, he lost it. His 2 1/2 year-old self couldn't stop asking through big alligator tears, "Where's my baby sister!?"

Once we brought Naomi inside the house, my mom took Carter's shoes off and he jumped on the couch. He couldn't contain his excitement. Daron placed her on his lap and he gently cuddled her, stroking her head and hair and then half way through, he started touching her nose and saying, "Look at her tiny nose!" while giggling like crazy. It was the sweetest thing and not surprisingly, I was so emotional. You never know how the oldest child is going to react to a new little one around and so I had no idea what to expect. I don't have much to compare to obviously but Carter and Naomi's first meeting I think was as dreamy as it gets. He loved on her like crazy and, for the most part ;), hasn't stopped since!

Also, a little video of their first meeting... sort of the best moment of my life!