Feb 22, 2016


A few pictures of Naomi and her cute tongue that sticks out all day long as of late. It's her go to when she gets really excited or happy. I love this girl and her cute tongue and every other part of her! I don't mind the eye candy that's holding her either ;) 

Happy Monday!

Feb 18, 2016


A video and some photos of our time whale watching last Saturday! Daron originally planned this little excursion to be our Valentine's Day date but I couldn't handle not taking Carter. I knew he would freak! We found out last minute babies weren't allowed so we had to leave Naomi. It felt strange to be without her but it ended up being such a treat for Daron and I to spend time with Carter. 

Carter surprised us on the boat. He was much more concerned about the "rules" than I have ever seen him. He didn't want us to stand for fear that we would fall out. And at one point, we tried to let him stand on a bench so he could see better but he quickly reminded us that "the speaker" told us not to stand on the benches! Who's this rule-following kid of mine!? And how do I get him to do this at home?? ha! We also made "Carter sandwiches" each time he got cold which made him giggle like crazy and let him do some of his own video recording, a first! 

On our way out to find the whales, we stumbled upon hundreds of dolphins. They were everywhere! Daron and I have been swimming with dolphins in Hawaii which was incredible but I have never seen this many at one time before. I kept thinking how much Carter was going to love this day but I didn't anticipate that I would feel like a big kid too! I couldn't stop squealing at the sight of them. We stayed with the dolphins for a while because the crowd was loving them so much. We had about 20 on each side of the boat bow riding the whole time and don't even get me started on the baby dolphins... SO cute!
Carter sandwich ^^

The grey whales were huge! I couldn't believe how big they were. They were more unpredictable so we weren't able to get a picture but they, too, were amazing animals to see in the wild. There were about 5 or 6 of them traveling together and one had a huge bite out of its tail. I could kick myself that we didn't use our nice camera for the day. These pictures and video were all taken from our phones besides a few from the goPro. As convenient as the phone is, it never does experiences like this justice!

We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day. The sky was a beautiful blue and the swell was big making it fun to be on the ocean. We were also happy to figure out that Carter doesn't get sea sick! And now, I'm begging Daron to take me to the lagoons in Mexico where you can supposedly touch and kiss(!!!) the whales! What!?!?!?

Feb 12, 2016


So, there's a story and it goes a little like this.

When Naomi was around 3 months old, I was frequently answering a typical question after one has a baby -

"How's she sleeping?!"

Each time I answered this question, I would gush (in bewilderment) how Naomi was sleeping through the night and how I couldn't believe it! I always emphasized how this was to no credit of my own but that she did it herself. This conversation happened about 4 or 5 times in front of Daron. Then, after a birthday party, he and I were in the car driving home and he gently informed me, "Ya know... Naomi isn't actually sleeping through the night. She gets up 3 - 4 times needing her binky. I just get to her before you wake up." 

Enter: total disbelief.

I will never forget how loved I felt after learning Daron was doing such a sweet and selfless act for me. My love grew so much for him in that moment. It's these seemingly simple acts that are, in my opinion, the most meaningful. This genuine, honest, selfless, true love is what I love to celebrate this time of year. Whether this Christ-centered love comes from a spouse, friend, mother or father, brother or sister, cousin or grandparent, it deserves to be celebrated!

So, from me to you, Happy LOVE day/weekend!

And Daron... you already know this, because I tell you every night as I hold on to your arm just before we fall asleep, but I love you!

Feb 11, 2016


There was a day last week that went a little like this:

Wake up 
Touch poop (accidentally of course)
Put out cereal for breakfast 
Get dressed, hey there new year's resolution!
Stroll the 101
Go to lunch with the kids, very exciting since we are trying to cut back on going out for lunch
Run errands to nearby stores 
Go to the grocery store
Get back to the car and realize I have had a healthy amount of pizza sauce crusted on my cheek for said errands and grocery store

Put the kids down for naps
Have a little one on one time with Carter
Rush to Naomi's room once we hear her cry
Make Naomi laugh harder that I've ever seen her
Make a pathetic dinner because Dad isn't coming home so we can
Get peed on
Put the kids in the bath
Get asked by Carter for the thousandth time where my penis is. (He is obsessed at the moment)
Get Naomi down smoother than normal, hallelujah 
Get Carter down not as smoothly
Lose my cool for a second
Take a second to recoup 
Put Carter down on a positive note, feel accomplished!

Have lots of plans for things to do while the kids sleep
Do none of them
Lay my head on my pillow to go to sleep and chuckle that touching poop and getting peed on is currently totally normal
Vow to do better the next day in lots of areas
Experience a full heart that I have the privilege of being Carter and Naomi's mom
Go to sleep feeling exhausted and happy and grateful

Just a typical day...

Feb 9, 2016


"Mom, Naomi is crying a lot. Should we call a babysitter for her?"

"Mommy these are my dates! They want to sit with me..."

"Mom, I'll be right back. You stay okay?"

"Mom, do you want to sit and watch me eat breakfast?"

"Oh my freakin' heavens..."

When Naomi is playing with his toys, "No no no, Naomi." (Picks her up). "Go to your Mommy now. There you go."

"Mom, it's Thursday o' clock. Oh wait, I mean 40 o' clock. Yeah, 40 o' clock."

"Okay, that's a great idea Mom."

"Wait, Mom which day is it? Tuesday, Monday or Friday?"

"Ooo Mom, I can take the cookies out of the oven because I'm getting older and am a big boy now."

"Mom, do you want to lay on the grass with me and watch the beautiful sky?"

Just a few of my favorites as of late. This age is so wild. There are so many times throughout the day that I am dying inside but somehow I have to keep a straight face! It's nearly impossible! Carter, at 3, can literally talk to himself for an hour. A solid hour! His negotiating skills are getting scary good and is also getting a knack for trying to boss me around. He asks every night, for either me or Daron to tell him a story before bed and gives the sweetest kisses with his tiny lips. I don't know if he'll ever know how much we love him!

Another post with some of Carter's gems here.

Feb 8, 2016


was filled with:

sweater weather
rainy days
Carter on swing duty 
gorgeous blue skies 
Brotherly sisterly love
Loving hard on Cardiff
Tide pools
Recieving my first ever flower from my tiny valentine
Under dogs
friends visiting
bike riding
and being reminded just how good this month can be!!!!


This year's resolutions include things like: 

doing things to feel more like a human each day. I've committed to get dressed, wash my face (!!!!) and wear make up even if we have no plans to leave the house the entire day. 

Also, decorate my house! Now, that I feel the house is more organized (2015's goal) I'm ready to start making our house more homey. (We've lived in our house for almost a year without one family picture in it!) 

& the last one is hard but necessary for my life. It is to trust in God more. Too much of the time, I am trying to do this whole mothering business alone and not relying on a loving Heavenly Father who is not only there for me but really wants to help me!

These are only a few of my goals for this year. I actually have a ton! But they are exciting, so I'm okay with it.

Cheers to you, 2016!


The Christmas holiday this year was spent at my parent's house in Yorba Linda. Most of my siblings all live in Southern California. I have one lonesome sister who moved to Utah with her family a few years ago (lame) but everyone else is around here. The original plan was for the whole gang that lives in CA to get together for Christmas Eve then let those who wanted to do their own Christmas go back to their own homes and reunite mid-morning Christmas day. My sister's family was going to come Christmas night and then we were going to spend 5 wonderful days together.

I ended up being "naughty" and coming almost a week before. My mom didn't like this because she still had tons to do and wasn't planning on anyone distracting her. (I love to be a distraction ;)  I then became the "magnet" to all of my siblings and everyone slowly started trickling in to stay at my parent's house before they were supposed to. And on Christmas Eve, my sister and her husband and their 5 kids surprised us showing up a day early! That made quite the party and no one ended up going home for their "own" Christmas. It made me so happy!

For the rest of the time, the cousins played non-stop all day and all night. I don't think they had one good, nutritious meal from Christmas Eve on. The moment they opened their stockings, it was a 5 day sugar high. It kind of horrified me but we just acted like it wasn't happening and let that one go. We also got together with dear family friends that are like family to us on multiple occasions and had a ball together like we always do.

{It's a shame I have so few photos but I almost never have photos of my family together because no one stops talking long enough to take a picture. If it wasn't for me, there would be very little documentation of the Pugmire posterity!} 

It was a particularly special Christmas since we have two preggos in my family this year. My sister Shalice and my sister-in-law, Dayana. We had so much fun fantasizing and talking about the future babies to come in 2016. It was also Naomi's first Christmas and most likely, one of the last "cousins Christmas" we will have in the near future since everyone is making plans to have Christmas morning at their own homes. It makes me terribly sad but I guess it has to happen sometime.  Although, knowing my family, we have a really hard time not being together. So we will see if we stick to "our plans." 

I'll never forget Carter's face spreading food for the reindeer all over my parent's front lawn and of course you can't beat the looks on the kid's faces Christmas morning. 

A very merry Christmas indeed! 


Oh, and one morning, I woke up to this picture as the wallpaper on my phone.

My niece and brother-in-law do this to me every time we are together, like every time. They think it's hilarious. It is kind of funny... I'll give them that. The picture is still the wallpaper on my phone. Every time I look at it, I think how I need to change it but here we are 6 weeks later! 


Each year, I make Daron write a letter to accompany our card. Growing up, my dad always did this for our family and I loved it. I savor each Christmas card that comes in the mail. If it wasn't complete hoarder status, I would probably keep all the Christmas cards that we receive each year. I don't normally share the Christmas card & letter on the blog, but we had such a good laugh at Daron's descriptions of our kids this year I had to share! 

Young Family 2015
Naomi: I’m the most chill of this family. I joined the team April 28th of this year.  I like people, but I like food more. I’m not picky, baby food will do, but I do have a more refined palette. I prefer pasta, eggs, mini-wheats, muffins, avocado, bananas, and donuts, etc. I’m a cuddler. Give me a soft blanket and you have my heart. I’ve thought about crawling recently, but it seems hard and energy intensive; an army crawl is more my thing at the moment. If I expend too much energy, I fear I’ll lose my cheeks, and let’s be honest, people love my cheeks. 
Carter: I turned 3 last month. I love life, like, a lot. I came down with severe cases of FOMO and YOLO in 2015 and they still haven’t let up. (google it if those two words mean nothing to you) If I’m doing anything i’m pretty happy about it. My favorite pastimes are trains, cars, trucks, running, balls, the beach, running while kicking balls on the beach, the park, running at the park, friends, running while chasing friends, and running while being chased. Naomi came on board this year. She slept a lot at first, but she’s lightening up. Now I can’t wait for her to wake up. She thinks it’s funny when I throw (soft) things at her, and I like doing that, so we get along alright. She’s like my best friend that doesn’t talk yet, but that’s okay, because I love talking.  I also enjoy a good book, but when I don’t have one handy or the lights are off, I have no problem making up a story to tell myself. Life is good. 
Dani Bree & Daron: 2 kids. Dani Bree swears that 2 has been easier than one. I don’t try to explain it, but I’m glad to hear it. We love those two. We moved once again this year to an area just about 30 minutes West of where we were this time last year. We love everything about it and are grateful to be as settled as we’ve been for the last 3 years or so. In 2014, DisneyLand was our go-to family activity, in 2015, it was the beach. Warm or less warm, sunny or mostly sunny, the beach has us on a very regular basis. Our family has grown to love it. Not like it was hard. I’ve endeavored to pick up surfing this year. It is hard. I’ll report back in 2016. 
We are grateful to have had a wonderful year and for the family and friends we were able to share it with. We love this Season and are grateful for the Life and Love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who provides the foundation for everything else. 
We hope you and yours have a family-filled Holiday Season and New Years, and wish you a wonderful 2016. 
Daron, Dani Bree, Carter, & Naomi