Nov 5, 2015


Today is Daron's 29th birthday. In honor of this being his last year in his 20's, I thought I'd share a few things about Daron that you may not know...

1. He has a gift of picking out the perfect size Tupperware for any and all leftovers.
2. He's a natural with babies.
3. The times he is goofy are rare. But if you are lucky enough to witness it, you will never forget it. 
4. He was shot in the chest with a flare gun when he was 10.
6. He thought about being a chiropractor before choosing the real estate field.
7. He can handle the most awkward conversations without feeling uncomfortable.
8. He is a self-proclaimed fly swatter. No need for those icky fly swatters in this house. We have Daron here who, according to him, "knocks them unconscious in mid air!" 
9. He Loves any and all documentaries that have to do with physics. 
10. He can't remember his embarrassing moments. None of them. In fact, he has very little memory of anything bad that has happened to him ever. Who gets that lucky?
11. He likes to make google maps. For fun. 
12. He would garden all day if he could.
13. He has a home remedy for every illness.
14. Sometimes, he unintentionally sounds like a professor in his text messages. When we were first dating, I would read aloud his text messages to my friends asking what certain words meant. 
15. He is the best Dad any kid could ask for.

But you already know that last one, because I talk about it on here all the time.

Happy Birthday, Daron! Thanks for being my favorite person, ever. 

Nov 4, 2015


For Halloween this year, we attempted Tarzan, Jane, and Kerchak with his banana! I've known since last Halloween what we were all going to be but of course I didn't start trying to put things together until 3 days before. The original plan was for Carter to be Tarzan and Daron to be the gorilla but Carter quickly informed us "he would be the gorilla and daddy would be Tarzan!" Crazy how early they get their opinions, right? ha.

It's a miracle I have any documentation of our costumes. Halloween, in my opinion, is the worst day to take pictures. We are barely ready with our costumes before all the festivities begin and then to have to whip out the camera and get a picture of everyone is so daunting. But last year, I only got pictures of buzz and NO pictures of Jesse and Woody! It was such a shame. So this year, I vowed I would at least try. {Our best attempt of a picture, above.}

Like always, I'm happy I took a few pictures so we can remember. I'm especially glad I have Naomi in that banana costume documented. It was too good. People were stopping constantly to check her out. It was such a hoot!

Nov 3, 2015


We are sickies over here. Me and the kids that is. No one is sleeping, everyone is achy and sniffling. Halloween coupled with daylight savings was sort of a perfect terrible storm. When Daron was getting ready for work this morning, I was begging him to not leave me. I kept saying, "Save me!" haha.

It's not that bad. But you know, those mornings where you are like, "Nooo. How am I going to get through this day?" That's been about the past 3 days around here.

Anyway, lucky for me... it's NOVEMBER! 

Since marrying Daron and having Carter, November has quickly turned into one of my most favorite months of the year. Maybe thee favorite? I haven't decided. November 1st makes me especially happy. It marks birthday month for the boys in this family, cooler temperatures in southern California (yay!), and the start of the glorious holiday season. 

The anticipation for all of these exciting things is about the only thing helping me get through these very looooongg days. 

November, welcome! We love you!

{photo cred}