Apr 27, 2011

Enlightening Realization (for a PRE mommy)

In my attempt to convince my husband 
that coupons are worth our time we have
ordered the newspaper for a
(wish me luck peeps... :)

For the most part the newspaper drives me crazy.
Daron and I don't have time to read the entire newspaper every single day.
So day after day I have to throw away all this paper (which for some
reason makes me feel guilty) and/or just watch it pile up as I convince myself
that he and I will get around to it.

Yesterday, I finally decided I would take some time to check it out.

Most of it was definitely depressing.
Headlines like ---


I mean it was just one after the other. 

Then...I found this adorable article that brought tears to my eyes. 
It told the story of a woman who very openly describes the difficulties
accompanying post partum. 

Supposedly, due to great genetics, 
this woman is a champion at labor.
(Didn't know those existed until yesterday)
  And actually loves the process of giving birth.

She then goes on to explain that the real trial for her is
after the birth. 
She says it best, so I will let you read her thoughts.
They are truly beautiful 
(also graphic and somewhat funny)
but I absolutely loved what she had to say.

I have never read or heard the realities of childbirth 
and child rearing portrayed so realistic. It was enlightening.
I have to say I am so glad I realized this information
before my time for motherhood began!
Life (marriage specifically) has taught me
how important expectations are. 
The more realistic my expectations of motherhood can be, 
the better I will handle the highs and lows.

The newspaper gave permission to check out her blog
This is the post that the newspaper quoted from.
I promise you won't regret checking it out :)
Looking forward to  updating on the 1 year...
An anniversary we'll never forget

Apr 22, 2011

It is here

Happy 35 YEARS to mama and papa PUGMIRE.
I can't think of better people for Daron and I to share our anniversary with.

Knowing my parents were sealed in the exact same temple
so many years earlier adds something special to this day.
I can't really explain it. I just feel an overwhelming
amount of love for how blessed Daron and I are to have such a wonderful example.

Last night I went to a beautiful wedding (of Kimberly and Mike Woodhead!)
and saw the man who video taped our wedding.
I couldn't believe how happy I was to see this man.
When I saw him I immediately wanted to embrace him
(and I did just that)

Since then I have reminisced watching this video
about 4 times today.  
Something is good when it gets 
better and better every time you watch it. 

I told Daron to surprise me about what we are doing tomorrow. 
I have totally regretted that because IT HAS KILLED ME.
FINALLY, he told me today he could tell me what I needed 
to pack when the sun set.

I need:
-clothes to hike in
-every day clothes (warm)
-a bathing suit
-a "hott" dressy outfit (were his words)
-and sweats

Oh man. This really made it real!
I was giddy after purely knowing 
what I would be wearing!
It was pathetic. But I don't care.
Tomorrow is going to be one good day.
(EVEN though we have to wake up at 5:30
to start the festivities!!!!)
What is in store for me!?

We shall see ;)

Apr 14, 2011

Rockin' Out

Classes are over.
2 finals and a paper to go.
I have not slept enough for 3 days.
I am going through this awful anxiety 
of wanting to just break free and act like school
is all done. But it isn't! So I have to stay disciplined...
I am going crazy.

I just have SO much to look forward to.
These ADORABLE monsters are coming into town.

(I'll be missing this one :(

Ellery's BABY shower!

Is that time really here?
Am I really going to meet Ellie in a month?
I can't contain my excitement.

Then...MORE family.

And the one I can't stop thinking about the most...
the BIG 1 YEAR.
Ooo I cannot wait!
I told Daron to surprise me and not tell me what we are doing.
I kind of regret that...
It's killing me not knowing!

Just so I stay sane, I have 1 day of
lazy lounging to get the
adrenaline/stress out of my system from the
past 2 days.
This day is NECESSARY between
classes and finals.

I refuse to put normal clothes on.
I can't stop blasting this all day.

I have seen too many episodes of this already...

So interesting though!
Did you know Gwyneth Paltrow comes from a 
a very long line of famous Jewish Rabbis?
And Tim McGraw had ancestors that hung out
with George Washington?
Sarah Jessica Parker had a great- great grandmother
that was tied to rock and left to drown 
for witchcraft.

As I am writing this I am realizing this may not be
as interesting to other people. ha ha
But it is so fascinating to me!
I think I really do love Geneology. 
I should get into it eh? 
ha yeah, probably...

Making/Eating this dessert

Rachael Ray has yet to fail me. 

Writing WAY TOO MANY of these.

Yes, don't judge.
I am getting the last ones out.
Hey, I am still good till the 1 year.
That equals = 9 days.
No sweat.

These days are far and few in between
(as they should be)
but they ROCK when they are here...

Apr 11, 2011


you KNOW it is here
when studying looks like this...

Me, Courtney and Corey
(the founders of FOREIGN FEATHERS) ha ha
were in the room for 4 1/2 HOURS trying
to do our 10 minute presentation.

You can probably tell not much got done. 
We just couldn't stop spinning in those chairs.
We even made Corey try to do the 
"legs-straight-up-spin move"

(Obvs, I won)

Even though studying is near impossible, I still
find myself soaking in every minute 
I have left here at the good ol' Y. 

It is interesting because I am constantly being 
bombarded with "time to grow up" signs...
like the fact that I am a:
-soon to be graduate
-entering the work force (full time...I think)
-thinking about babies
-running my very own home (that is weird)

Ya know...just small signs.

Then I have the little red haired freckled face boy
that comes to my doorstep trying to get money for his baseball fundraiser
and asks me if MY PARENTS ARE HOME
It was a joke...
I had no idea what to say.
I stuttered.. "Uhh I am actually the adult." 
Then I couldn't stop laughing.

I also have the adorable temple workers ask me
every time I walk in,
"Are you old enough to be here!?"

So you can see this internal conflict I have.
There are signs that I am supposed to be grown up..
But I clearly don't look like one!
Ohh the struggles...

I guess I have 4 months to figure it out.
That is...if this case of seniorITIS 
grows legs and finds a home elsewhere!

Apr 5, 2011

what ANIMAL are YOU?

Last night, it finally clicked.
I have wondered if Daron were an animal 
what he would be.

Isn't it strange that people can look so similar to animals?
Like you see someone and you are like
"Wo, you would definitely be a horse" 
or bird or something.

I told Daron I finally figured out what animal he would be
and he excitedly said, "Oh oh! Am I snow leaopard?!?!"

(this cracked me up. I was thinking "uhh no. in your dreams!)
Daron's wishful thoughts are obvious.

Unfortunately, I had to reveal to Daron that if he were
to be an animal...
he would be this tough guy.

(Aflac the duck :)

I don't know why.
I suspect many may not agree.
But this picture says it all for me.
Daron would definitely be a duck.

I thought Daron would just say "you are crazy."
And that would be the end.
But HE immediately knew the exact
animal I would be.

He said, "Well you know what you would be!"
He said it like he had the best come back in the world.
I'm thinkin' "what the heck is a skink??"

Then Daron preceded to show me a picture that 
"perfectly described me"

ha ha. This freakishly weirded me out.
It's really sad that I kind of can see it.
(as much I hate to say it)

I have always thought I would be
a chipmunk with the luscious cheeks I have.
But I have been informed that is not the case.

The skink it is I guess.
However, all day Daron has been calling me "skink"
and I am determined to not let this new
nickname stick around!

Apr 4, 2011


This would get me down.

Considering the fact that IT OCCURRED THIS PAST WEEKEND.
Is it April? Or December?
Thanks to conference it didn't bother me one bit. 
No matter the weather,
Conference weekend was joyous.

(the view from the new City Creek Apartments)
Not a bad view eh?

Hope your weekend was a ball.
I already can't wait till next time.