Mar 16, 2016


Carter's prayers go a little something like this...

Dear Heavenly Father, 

We're grateful for this day.
We're grateful for mommy and daddy.
We pray that we will be safe and kind and happy. 
We pray that Jesus and our sicknesses will be happy...
and that...
and that...
and that...
and that...
we will be safe.
And that Naomi will eat.
We are grateful for (lists the current friends he has played with that week).
We pray for a good night's sleep 
and we say these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I don't want to forget what this kid's prayers once sounded like. It takes everything in me and Daron not to burst out laughing sometimes. One thing about it though, hearing Carter pray in that sweet voice of his is pretty much the best. 

And a word to our sweet boy... never stop praying, Carter!

Mar 15, 2016


We packed up and took a road trip to Utah to meet my best friend's baby, Genevieve. It felt a little crazy packing up the kids for such a quick trip but it ended up being worth every second. The kids surprised me how well they traveled. Lindsay Ham tagged along which made all the difference. I'm still a little nervous to tackle this drive alone with the kids. I think once Naomi is done nursing, we'll be game. 

We started out the drive at 9:00 in the AM and didn't pull into my sister's driveway in Alpine, UT until after midnight. It was a long day. But lucky for us, we had Carter to entertain us... that kid!

At one point, we caught him putting dried fruit in between his toes. Lindsay told me to look at Carter but not to laugh! (Because he was being naughty of course). But the moment I saw his sly smile with a dried pear between his toes, I died! I think it was funnier in the moment, but I cried I laughed so hard. 
We pulled in Thursday night. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were filled with sitting on a couch and taking in this sweet new baby. It was so nice to not be rushed for any events or have to split time which is usually the case when we are in Utah. We had one purpose: love on Genevieve. That's all we did and it was amazing!
^^ because, those baby blues!

At one point, we did get off the couch to go take a walk around the neighborhood. The fresh air felt nice and I discovered the back carry in the ergo! Naomi was one happy camper and I couldn't get enough of her sleeping on me like that. That's a rare event these days so I'll take it any way I can get!

These two, Naomi and Genevieve, are so darling together. I've dreamed about the day my children get to be best friends with my best friend's kids. It's surreal the day is finally here! I'm already excited for the day we can show these two pictures of us when we were little, what a day!

Saying goodbye wasn't fun.  It never is. There's so much love for this little girl and we all can't wait to watch her grow. Welcome to the world, Genevieve!

Mar 8, 2016


Our sweet girl turned 10 months old the Sunday before last. Naomi is really starting to come into her own. A few fun facts about her:

She has no teeth but that's not a problem because she inhales her food instead.
She could really use a hairnet when she eats. She loves to rub any and all food in her hair.
She puts one foot up in her high chair just like her brother.
When she wants more food, she makes an intense grunting sound.
She loves avocado toast topped with some havarti cheese.
Much of her life revolves around food.

She's beyond attached to me. She flirts with other people, draws them in and once they pick her up they almost drop her because she leaps back into my arms. Stinker.
She does the cutest wave you ever saw and accompanies it with a soft spoken, "Hi."
She's light as a feather but her cheeks pack a powerful punch.
She has a fixed gaze on her brother at all times.
Her favorite thing to do is knock over whatever castle he is making with his magna tiles.

She finally graduated from her snake-like army crawl to a normal one. 
The easiest way to make her laugh is to tickle her under her chin.
She has ocean blue eyes and the sweetest rosy cheeks.
She's getting braver and braver with standing.
Her smiles and giggles make me the happiest mom in the world.
And last but not least, no one believed me for a longest time that her doppleganger is Chris Farley but it's true!
(I'll never understand how someone can look so perfectly adorable and cute but also resemble him... a true mystery!)

Happy 10 months, Naomi!