Jan 26, 2012


is it bad that i don't have a problem with a 4 ct. diamond ring?
is it bad that i honestly think this big looks absolutely wonderful and amazing?
is it bad that- i think- my tiny little fingers can handle a very large amount of carat weight?
---(like how, i don't mind grandma shirley's 8 ct. diamond ring on my finger...?)
don't mind!?!? what am i saying>??
is it bad that i HONESTLY think i would not mind wearing kim kardashian's 20.5 ct emerald ring on my finger and sometimes fantasize what that would be like??
 (that also goes for princess diana's 18 ct blue sapphire)
-is it bad that i am on harry winston's website all too often dreaming about one day making an appointment to look at his jewelry? *did you know that you HAVE to make an appointment!? 

oh heavens...somebody help me. cause i am in LOVE with jewelry. the type of love where i could talk about it all day, try it on all day, look at it all day, think about it all day, research it all day, sell it all day. 

and this love...let me tell you a little sum'n sum'n about it...
it is not cheap.
do you think daron had any idea what he was in for when i told him "i love diamonds." ??
i'm gonna take a wild guess and sayyyyy -no. BUT HEY, at least i warned him!

Jan 18, 2012

to all my fellow bloggers

a recent research study shows that blogging can help women ease the transition into motherhood! isn't that exciting!? i thought it was. the article was posted on BYU's home page.

article HERE.

after i read that article i went to this website and read how a fellow blogger is trying to make a difference for down syndrome children. yay to the blogging world and the difference we can make! it sort of made me think about how i really enjoy my online journal but it is also possible that i could use the internet for more good than i do...

then again, all things in moderation.


on a completely different note: i ran into a boy on campus that i sold a ring to.  i was supposed to call him yesterday about his yellow gold ring because there was a complication with it. we talked and joked and i was off to my class. 

as i was walking away i heard his friend say, "is that your jeweler?" in this surprised tone.
boy i sold a ring to, "yeah it is actually..."

and so, the butterflies came. did someone just call me their jeweler!? it made my day. silly. but true. i talk frequently about how the work world is overrated, even when you do love what you do. (obviously just my personal opinion). if only i heard people call me their "jeweler" everyday...that seems to put a pep in my step. 


and, on another completely different note- i spotted these in the BYU bookstore store today (!!!)

yes- reese's peanut butter cup hearts. somebody hold me back. it's not looking like i'll be able to resist this year. these hearts made me realize how close Valentine's Day is. which means our 2 year anniversary is also just around the corner. 
cheers! to the months of love

Jan 16, 2012

couples retreat to PC

a few of us couples escaped to park city for the "semi" 3 day weekend. unfortunately it was only a 3 day weekend for some of us. amazing where you can be after a 45 minute drive. it's nice to have a little get-a-way so close. we were able to try flying daron's new plane, talk and laugh, spend hours in the spa, and pamper ourselves. i think all the wives can agree that our husbands enjoyed the pampering part probably more than we did...at what they dubbed "the gentlemen's club". <in their dream world> in all reality, it was the boys locker room...

oh how we sure do love them- even with their antics. cause let's be honest. us girls have our own.

i emphasize the word "attempt" to fly daron's plane because the truth is tanner flew it most of the time. he is teaching daron...who knew remote control airplanes were so tricky??

it is so cute. it looks like the birds i used to draw in elementary school that were two black humps.
and finally. proof. my one piece of evidence.

he did it! i love the grin on tanner's face. he likes planes. could you tell?
daron's face- so concentrated.

park city was fun. but the people made it better. 
no surprise there. 

Jan 10, 2012

ivory homes year end party for 2011

ivory homes has an annual year end party. last year's was a night to remember. for real. because of this video.
a disclaimer: ivory home's had a talent show last year...they recruited 6 guys to do a boy band skit.
daron happened to be one of the lucky recruits. 
this video will make you feel uncomfortable.
be prepared.
for me, it is one of those things where i think 
"i can't watch this, no i can't"
but then i can't take my eyes off it.
i laugh and scream through the whole thing.

we had way too many people come up to daron and ask if there was a "take 2"...i will never forget "I-Ka-Mit". and most likely neither will our children.

this year was a little more low key. it was at the little america which i must say was a pleasant surprise. i personally liked the food and feel better than the grand america. our friends mary and taylor moody (who introduced me to hockey and the denver avalanche) were there . they made our night. possibly because it was the day before mary's due date and her belly was..well- awesome. she even danced for the crowd in the dance off. it was hilarious and great. it made me want to be 9 months pregnant and dancing. all things come in time i suppose.

until next year ivory homes. we are looking forward to it!

Jan 4, 2012

my little trickster

yesterday morning, 6 a.m. rolls around...daron is shaking me because my alarm is going off for the 3rd time but i haven't heard it once. poor man. he shakes me until i finally snooze it. i roll over. all i can think about is how we are supposed to be out the door in 10 minutes to make our flight on time. the thought of opening my eyes is painful.

i finally ask "daron, are we leaving?" {eyes closed}
"yeah we are...but not until 6 P.M...."
{eyes closed. still}
"shut. up. you tricked me. that is the best trick anyone has ever played on me."

turns out daron led me to believe that our flight was leaving at 6 a.m. instead of <the correct time of> 6 P.M. just so i would pack the night before instead of waiting until the last 5 minutes.
i am notorious for doing that.

he knows me so well. i can't imagine what it will be like in 20 years.

Jan 2, 2012

a week gone too fast

saying goodbye to CA is never easy.
this time is no different.

however, i am having the strangest feeling.
for the first time, i am feeling like i am truly going home.
i am excited and kind of can't wait to 
be in my home in utah
with our bed and sheets and kitchen
and all those wonderful things.

this makes me happy

Jan 1, 2012

the best of 2011

~we grew one year older and wiser too 22 and 25!
~SHE didn't graduate {yet}...an almost alumni cougar. good thing there is 2012
~HE changed job positions. 
~ SHE and HE visited where their marriage began. the ST.REGIS hotel for the big 1 year after a hot air balloon ride.
~ they ventured to puerto rico for a honey moon. flamenco beach- we haven't stopped dreaming about you...
~ SHE started selling diamonds for a job. and loves it.
~ SHE realized jobs aren't all they are cracked up to be. along with being a grown up.
~they became an aunt and uncle to a niece named ellie layne.
~HE fell in love with the new niece pulling him onto the baby train.
~they made new friendships that are here to stay
~also hosted an engagement of L-HAM and brycen. <planned to wed April 28th, 2012).
~they found out about an additional niece coming June 14th, 2012. Courtney <the champ> is having #5. 
~loved a quick get away to quaint st. george
~ditched the vitamix for a blendtec (we'll see how that goes)
~they had an additional roommate for not long enough. 
~SHE went to CA for 24 hours. 
~they welcomed a new brother in law.
~HER 1/2 a thumb celebrated her 2nd birthday
~SHE backed into her husband's car.. {for the second time} {{yikes!}}
~SHE and HE learned more about each other, marriage, and things in between.

the year of 2011 will be a memorable one. life is simple right now. and they arne't lying when they say there is 
beauty in simplicity 
closing out one year and off to the the next is always bitter sweet. we have a lot to look forward to in the new year but we are most excited about the things that will be surprises!

CHEERS! to another beginning