May 27, 2011

Happy Long Memorial Weekend

Our weekend will be filled with adventures here.

Bryce Canyon National Park.

We are going with another couple and we just can't wait.
I have wanted to go to southern UT and do the hiking there ever since
I went to Zion's on this same exact weekend 2 years ago.

My life was so different then. 
Kind of weird to think about.

Hope everyone enjoys this special weekend we have to commemorate all those who
have fought so valiantly for our country.
May we never take those courageous people for granted and 
never cease praying for them.

I will say...
I am going to miss this little one though.

She just melts my soul.

May 25, 2011

Adult Girls Camp



A few weeks ago I accompanied my mom, grandma and aunt to, what I believe is, one of the greatest weekends.
There is something so empowering about being with thousands of women who are learning, praying, and serving each other. It's uplifting to the soul. 

I left this weekend feeling like I could conquer the world.
I left feeling enriched, motivated and especially humbled.
You look around the Marriot Center, and you see women that have accomplished great things.
(One in particular was Truman G. Madsen's wife Ann who I had the pleasure of meeting. Besides the fact that she practically fell off her chair when she found out I was indeed married and was indeed over the age of 14, it was great!! :) She was beautiful and so warm. She acted like she had all the time in the world to talk to you (even though I was a complete stranger).
You hear their stories of struggle and sacrifce. You realize how small your problems truly are, or better yet, that you are not alone with whatever you are feeling.

After the weekend, I informed my sisters that women's conference will be made a new tradition!
It must. It takes a lot of sacrifice but I know the sacrifice is worth it.
Nothing is better than hangin' out with the girls enjoying endless bonding and never ending chatting.
Can you think of anything better!?

I can't.
I love this picture of my mom and I cause it reminds me of the time we spent together during this weekend.
We told each other stories and I got to learn even more about her childhood. (which I thoroughly enjoy).
She tells me more about our ancestors and what incredible examples they were of strength and determination.
I spent time with my grandmother who I never get to see and would just like to pick her brain.
There is so much about her I don't know because our family lived so far away.
It's always a wonderful opportunity when we spend precious time together and learn more about one another.

This talk is what reminded me of the weekend.
It was the talk Julie B. Beck gave at the conference.
I love this woman. 
I love what she stands for and the strength and courage she has to remind us women what our true purpose is on this earth.
She makes you remember.

Just one of the many quotes I enjoyed from her talk. 
(the whole thing is so darn good it was hard to choose one)

"Education is wonderful, but being able to feel the Lord’s power and Spirit upon us is the highest education we can achieve. With that, we have power and influence. Without it, we will not be able to navigate in this life. The adversary will pick us off one by one, and we will be drawn off course by the many, many voices that are out there distracting us. With the Lord’s Spirit upon us, we are strong and solid and will be able to walk with Him."

Looking forward to next year!

May 23, 2011

Crazies on the 15

The I-15 is crackin' me up lately.
There are some serious crazies on this freeway!
Unfortunately, I have not been able to capture them all.
The best ones will have to just stay memories of my own mind.

a dancing dinosaur
(this guy really was scary)

I spotted him with Daron's sisters, kirstin and becca,
on the way up to slc.
The first time we tried to video him he changed lanes.
This video is of the 2nd time. By now, he caught on to the fact that we were
terrified/entertained by him.

(beware, loud screams)

(spotted with jessica parker, also on the way to slc)

Bangs from another era.

can you see those!?
this makes me wonder if people are confused what decade we are in.
however, i must say this woman and i were twins when i was 5.
i had the exact same hair do.

(the most recent)

Mind you, this hefty man is driving this in the pouring rain.
it wasn't sprinkling.

my windshield wipers were working full speed so i could see.
i don't know how he did it.

i am sad these are the only ones i have on camera/video.
there have been way too many more of these random incidences 
that were too quick to capture.
if i keep going though i am going to have quite the collection, if i do say so myself.

come on I-15,
what do you have for me next??

May 20, 2011

May 19, 2011

Ellie Layne Pugmire
8 lbs 4 oz
19. 5' 
born at 5:59 p.m.

I can't imagine how Ellery feels right now
cause I am drooling over this baby.
I don't stop talking about how gorgeous this baby is.
It's the only thing on my mind.
(Luckily Daron's too :) :) :) haha 

This girl is B-E-AU-T-I-F-U-L
I'm obsessed. 

(Just a pic from the iphone)
Oh Ellie, you are finally here!
You've never made so many people so happy. 
Welcome baby girl

May 19, 2011

BABY Ellie-

Your time is almost here to
come make your big debut into the world.  
Oh how this moment has been anxiously awaited by so many people.
There are so many anticipating your arrival
and just waiting to hold you and love you.  
You are going to be smothered with hugs and kisses. I hope you are ready.

Me, I am your aunt, that has been anxious for this day for a very long time.
I have wondered for so long about your 
and just everything about you.
What are you going to look like!?
It is killing me. 

We had a big party for you a while back.
You aren't even here yet but definitely spoiled!

Your mother, oh what to say about your lovely mother!
Let's just say you are getting the best of the best.
And that is an understatement.

There is no one that understands more the importance and privilege it is to be a mother. 
She will hold this calling with the highest regard.
Every fiber of her being will be dedicated to the upbringing of you, babie Ellie, and
all of your brothers and sisters to come.

"The responsibility mothers have today has never required more vigilance. More than at any time in the history of the world, we need mothers who know. 

Mothers who know desire to bear children.
Mothers who know honor sacred ordinances and covenants.
Mothers who know are nurturers. 
Mothers who know are leaders.
Mothers who know are always teachers. 
Mothers who know do less. They permit less of what will not bear good fruit eternally. They allow less media in their homes, less distraction, less activity that draws their children away from their home. Mothers who know are willing to live on less and consume less of the world’s goods in order to spend more time with their children—more time eating together, more time working together, more time reading together, more time talking, laughing, singing, and exemplifying.
Mothers who know stand strong and immovable."
Julie B. Beck
Your mother is part of those 
"mothers who know"
(don't you forget it!)


May 17, 2011

Belated Update

So the 1 year was 3 weeks ago
but I can't help it.
Its crucial I have this day documented forever.

Daron and I had a deal. I would plan V-Day
and he had this year's anniversary. 
I have to say I was nervous. I told him I wanted it to be a surprise
but then being the woman that I am I started to fantasize. Then I would have to slap
my face, say "stop fantasizing!" and bring myself back to reality. 
Just because I knew it was possible that I was dreaming a little too big
(okay maybe a lot too big)

I expressed my concerns to my mom that I needed to just stop thinking about what we could possibly be 
doing and just expect nothing.
Again, I have learned expectations are everything.
Of course she lectured me and told me to stop being a brat and whatever we did at all 
was going to be special and I should be appreciative. 
"Mother knows best" :) haha so true. 
(what movie?)
Anyway, I have to say that Daron went above and beyond. 
I was shocked. (not that i was doubting him :)
But I am really  hoping he doesn't make me plan next years
anniversary because I have no idea what I'll do to top it without spending
a pretty penny.

1 year celebration =
(this had been much anticipated for years. Daron has known that ever since my parents bought the house in Glenwild I have wanted to do this. I see them streaming over the valley in the summer and it always looks so gorgeous and so romantic)

(Don't we look photo shopped in!?)
Okay, so the lame gloom didn't make it as romantic as I pictured...
but it was much more adventurous than I thought it would be.
This angle looking down was the worst.

It definitely took me a while to look at the ground and the TINY basket we were in at the same time. Gives you the heebie jeebies at first.
At the end they do their "famous tradition" where they tell you how HOT AIR BALLOONING came about. This story just so happens to involve champaign and so everyone gets a drink and gives a toast! at 9 o clock in the morning. it was pretty funny.
(Daron and I had the pleasure of joining the toast with some mighty fine OJ)
I have never had an experience in UT where the people assume that you aren't a member. It was actually really fun to be the minority. I could use more of that in my life.
As they open the bottle of champaign they play a game where who ever can catch the cork gets a "prize." I don't know what Daron thought this prize was but he shocked me by intensely going after the flying cork.
He was the closest to catching it so we got this beauty.
Our little reminder of what we did.

(my obsession)


(this had yet to happen in our marriage. it was weird. just buying clothes with our own wallets. I thought I would have more buyers remorse. but it was kind of exhilarating!) 
-that's probably not a good thing ha oh well.

and the best part

I can honestly say I felt at home here. Neither Daron nor
I had been back since our reception. But we both couldn't help reminiscing. 
This hotel seriously is incredible. 
(and a tip to all- MUDDY SEASON IS CHEAP -of course comparatively) 
let me just get transparent here:
a reg night stay = $1500
what we paid = $175
Bada Boom Bada Bang
I'm pretty sure that is over 90% off. I could be wrong.
but whatever it is.. its a STEAL and worth every penny.
(the t.v. behind the bathroom mirror. Daron's favorite part.)
Dinner ended up being very luxurious.

yeahhh we kind of skipped out on the nice dinner after the shopping spree. 
no regrets.
I definitely loved our one year and I am so glad we went out with a bang. 
You get older and you just get busier. Not that we can't have more exciting 
anniversaries but I look at the past 10 years of anniversaries for my parents and you just get different priorities. 
Nothin' wrong with that. I think that is a good sign.
But while Daron and I have some freedom, why not use every excuse to live it up!

p.s. has anyone see or know anything about this tree in park city??
I really hope someone knows the story behind this.
There are hundreds of shoes on this tree.
It cracked me and Daron up every time we drove passed it.

May 16, 2011

Dear Married Life

Oh how you pass me by so quickly.
How 1 year has come and gone and it feels as though it only has been seconds.
Truth be told, I was warned.
Papa Pugmire told me time and time again
that life would  pass me by before  I knew what happened. I still can remember
where we were the various times he would tell me this...and the snap of his fingers
that emphasized just how fast this life would go. 

As I recall the different experiences you have brought me-
the good the bad the mediocre, I feel an impulsive desire to never forget these memorable moments. 
Memories that range from Daron's first day of work at a BIG BOY JOB!

moving into our first home

forgetting to close the garage (during a terrible snow storm)

to decorating our first live Christmas Tree. It is true that it only had ribbon and lights (for ornaments were just too expensive) that made for a somewhat naked tree. But somehow this tree looked like the most beautiful tree in the world. 

This husband I have...we have experienced almost every emotion together.
unconditional love
Yet at the same time, I feel as though we haven't even scraped the surface. 
How do we make sure that we are making the most of every second we have together?
How do we make sure that we don't take this wonderful life of ours for granted?
How do we ensure that we are not living for tomorrow to only create "empty yesterdays..." (President Thomas S Monson)
These questions often arise in my mind.
I am frequently asking myself whether Daron and  I are doing all we can to make sure that we never take this life for granted.
There are times when we both do or say something we shouldn't. There are times when we don't treat each other for who we really are and take into account the potential that both of us have. 

I have no doubt we are not alone. For this ability to always treat your spouse as who they can become, is anything but easy. It takes both being unselfish, charitable, humble and kind. 

I feel as though I have so many reminders in this life telling me to make the most of every minute. for example: my job as a caregiver- I take care of people who are at the close of their life. The next step to enter the other side is inevitable. Their days are slow. They have hours upon hours to ponder and reflect on the life they have lived. I think about these people. I think about how Daron and I will reach that stage in our lives.
There will come a time where we look back and wonder,
Did we make the most of the precious gift we have called life?

As I get older (which I realize is not very old :) I see how the simple parts of marriage that can seem so mundane bring the peace and joy that all of us seek for. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have of what really brings joy. 
Cleaning together
greeting each other (especially after long days)
scooter rides
picnics in the park
burned-tomato faces
cooking together
eating together
running together
snuggling together
teasing each other
and one day raising honorable men and women together
(cross our fingers with lots of prayers)

These things are simple. These every day tasks to not involve rewards from the world, fame or recognition from society, but I believe they do help in savoring every moment. 
Elder  Richard G. Scott is a great example of someone who has experienced the importance of not taking a moment for granted. After a wife and 2 children leaving him all too early, he reminds us of the importance to cherish you, married life. 

"It is so rewarding to be married. Marriage is wonderful. In time you begin to think alike and have the same ideas and impressions. You have times when you are extremely happy, times of testing, and times of trial, but the Lord guides you through all of those growth experiences together."

So, I ask you married life, since I cannot predict the challenges that will come...tell me, how to not take you for granted and make the most of every second you give to me and this wonderful husband I am so blessed to have. 

May 10, 2011

One of those Moments

Today I was just minding my own business (laughing up a storm with Lindsay Ham in side the "no shhhh zone" of the library) when suddenly she let out this horrifying gasp.
I practically jumped out of my chair saying "oh my goodness! what!!?"

I am trying to figure out why she gasped but can't because she is laughing so hard.
All I know is that it is something about me because she is pointing to my back.
And then...she takes a picture so I can see why...

How does this large of a hole form in someone's shirt!?
It is huge! It looks like a band aid.
I immediately flashback to all the moments
where I know people saw this and it made me cringe. 
I am taking cooking this semester...I am moving like crazy trying to finish our meals in time
and there is no doubt that my whole group saw this and I don't even want to think about the other 
people who noticed.

kill me. 
At least it gave us a very good laugh.
She even took the time to show how much you see it when I move to see 
how bad it was.

Yup, yup! Just one of those moments...
Thanks L-HAM
You're always lookin' out for me