Sep 18, 2013


@carter's first birthday on november 12
::it's truly mind boggling that his first birthday is so close. mind. boggling. people.
i know, with social media, it probably gets old hearing so many moms say "i can't believe this day is actually here!" or "how do you stop time!?" but you hear it all the time because it really is crazy how time just zips by like never before. it's mind boggling, like i said. i have always loved the phrase "mind boggling." try saying it 10 times in a row. 
i dare you.

@carving pumpkins with carter

@my brithday on the 29th of this month
::ever since i had a child, i can't believe how young i feel. every birthday in my past, i used to say "ah! i feel so old!" (even though, obvs, i knew i was young) but there was always a part of me that dreaded getting older. now that i have a baby and feel like a baby myself, my birthday doesn't make me feel older at all. i actually find myself feeling younger than last year. kind of odd.

@needing covers at night

@wearing scarves and cardigans and sweaters and boots and sweaters and boots
::i could wear sweaters and boots 365 days a year

@general conference
i have a feeling it's going to be extra good

@changing my hair  

i've decided the @ sign is way better than the dash. and i feel bad that daron's birthday isn't on this list. but not that bad because i'm not adding it.

cheers to fall!

Sep 16, 2013

the best moment of my weekend

one night, i was doing dishes. 
as i was doing them, i was deep in thought worrying about something
suddenly, something caught my eye. 

^daron and carter making faces at me through the kitchen window

my heart burst
because my view made me so happy.

daron and carter came back inside
and i tried to get back to my worrying
but my worry was gone.
i couldn't remember it anymore.
it felt really really awesome.

the end.

Sep 12, 2013


carter turned 10 months old today. if i had to describe carter's 10-month-old self in one word it would be: happy. my mom says she has never seen a baby laugh so much. i haven't been around other babies very much so i don't really know. what i do know is that sometimes carter starts laughing so hard that he starts doing this i-can't-take-it-anymore!!! scream that in turn, makes me laugh so hard i can't continue whatever it is i am doing to him. i wish i could take credit for carter's happy disposition but i can't. he just came out like that. and for now, i am going to enjoy his happy self that can't tell me no :) 

and, lucky carter got to go to the happiest place on earth for the very first time to celebrate!

^taking in it's a small world.
can you tell i love this ride too?

see you soon disneyland!

Sep 11, 2013

remembering 9/11

in remembering september 11, 2001, i wanted to share this video my uncle sent to my mom a few weeks ago. the performance represents a true story and is very moving. every time i watch it, i am reminded of the brave men and women who sacrifice their lives to defend our country. i feel so blessed to live in america. i will never forget the moment i found out about the atrocious attack that occurred on american soil 12 years ago today. but i will also never forget the months after. flags filled every corner of the city. cars displayed the feeling of unity and a love for america by putting flags in each window. there is no doubt that there is evil in the world and sometimes the chaos is overwhelming, but i know good will prevail.  evil will have moments of victory but there will come a day when good prevails forever.  

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."

revelations 21: 4

Sep 9, 2013

best and worst

the worst over the weekend:

i spent many minutes trying to convince daron to be "irresponsible" and take me to europe
after he graduates,
i didn't get very far... sniff 

i found out my friends' little brother is taller than me
he is 10 years old
this actually happens to me quite often

i made a pact with myself to have no chocolate until my birthday {sept 29th}
i started this on friday
and gave in on sunday {insert ashamed emoticon}

                                                                                       the best over the weekend:

                                                                                 carter learned how to wave "hi" and "bye"
                                                                                        i die every time
                                                                                 we hung out with my parents and their friends
                                                                                        if you didn't know already,
                                                                                        empty nesters are really fun

                                                                                 we went to a "fiesta" party
                                                                                        and i wore a sombrero

                                                                                       i love sombreros...

Sep 5, 2013

spoons and being a stay at home mom

yesterday, carter and i played with spoons on the kitchen floor before i made us lunch
he would take a spoon 
stuff it in his mouth
roll it around
then grab for the next one
he did this over and over
every face he made, made me laugh harder and harder
these 10 minutes made me feel lucky that i have the opportunity to stay at home with carter
it's one of the greatest blessings of my life
the work is sometimes monotonous
many times it's stressful
but there is nothing else i would rather be doing 
i know this can be a hot topic among women in our society today
i know there are many different situations and many women have different ideals
i hope i never place judgement on a woman for what she decides
but for me, it is an honor and a privilage to be at home with carter every day
i regard being in the home with carter as one of the most important things i will ever do
i proudly wear the title of "stay-at-home" mom
it is wonderful
it is rewarding
it is the best job in the entire world

for whatever reason, there may come a day where i no longer have the opportunity to be in the home as much as i am now,
this is why i will strive to not take these days for granted
i will thank my lucky stars i get to play with my baby on the kitchen floor
watch him make funny faces 
explore different shapes and sizes
all in the middle of the day

Sep 3, 2013

our not so typical labor day weekend

we had the most wonderful surprise over the weekend. my sister-in-law, kirstin, and her husband, david, welcomed their first child saturday night. a son, named anderson david hansen. it was so unexpected considering her due date was not for another 10 days! anderson was ready even though my mother-in-law was not! he was born while she was in the air flying from colorado to utah. <so close!> they have been snuggling on him all weekend long, taking in all the wonderful, sweet things newborns bring and daron and i are wishing we could be with them doing the same. anderson is carter's first cousin on daron's side, and i am anxious for the two of them to meet! so this very typical labor day weekend ended up not being very typical at all. how often is it that you welcome new life into the world?
{some pictures of the typical and not so typical activities}
^my dad, throwing out the idaho and bringing in the california-
hangin' out shirtless AND in the water! we loved it.
^cause i think my mom in her casual beach outfit and cute sun hat is stunning...

*i also laid out on my towel under the hot sun like a teenager with no responsibilities {thanks to daron for taking carter home with him, thank you daron!!} it was uhhh-mazing! why do i love things that make me feel 16? 
*practiced my spanish with aaron's date and surprised myself with how much i knew
*got a glimpse of what life is like taking care of 2 tiny humans 
*and because of berlynn, we spent time on the jetty spotting crabs, sea urchins and star fish which i'm pretty sure i haven't done since i was her age and i don't know why.  

the typical
carter face planted 
and i got saved by the lifeguard, so typical