Feb 28, 2011

Say you're out there

2 weekends have gone by now that I haven't seen this movie.

It crushes me. 
It is true that I have been DYING to see this teeny bopper movie since I saw it in the previews for the movie Tangled...and my sweet husband that I love absolutely refuses to (which I agreeably understand...) but still is there anyone out there that wants to see this as bad as I do?!  
I'm daydreaming of a night of girls, this little pop artist in the making, and frozen yogurt...

That doesn't sound too bad right!?

Feb 25, 2011

Where, oh where, Will We Be



or Utah??

Where to end up is the never ending question!

Daron and I go back and forth and back and forth. It is a never ending cycle of pros and cons that have us convinced on Utah one day, California the next and so on. It is just so hard.

The pros to CA??

~ some pretty special people (aka family) never knew what a huge draw they would be.

 I didn't think it would be a big deal to be apart from my family until my sisters and mom started calling me up saying, "oh yeah we are just going to be watching the bachelor tonight together" or "oh yeah we are just getting our nails done " or (my favorite one) "yeah we are just at Disney Land together for Courtney's birthday"
Soooo lame. Kills me every time! 

(haha Courtney's famous face, how can I not miss this)
~and of course, unbeatable weather. you have snow hours north and the beach 30 minutes south...so spoiled
This morning, Daron and I woke up to 

What did my parents wake up to?

yeah, quite the difference! I'm not saying snow is bad. I love the snow. But it's about this time of year that I start craving some warm sunshine!

But in all honesty, that's about it. 

California is expensive, crowded, and in a hole government wise. To people that haven't grown up there, it just might be one of the most unappealing states as of right now.

The pros to CO??

~more special people!

~Daron's favorite- "you can just go shooting in your backyard!" Daron loves the fact that you can have more land and do lots of crazy outdoor stuff (like four wheeling in your grandma's backyard).

(I like this too.)

however, in CA this weekend I did wake up to this...no lie.

 (Daron and Dawson shooting rabbits out of my dad's conservatory...really!? ha looks like that can be done else where after all.)

~the LAKE
~the government isn't bankrupt
~and, last but not least, MOUNTAINS and snow. I told my Dad a long time ago that I wanted a "mountain man." And viola! I got me one. I didn't know that was going to happen so literally but I like it.

as for the Cons: well...none! 
(besides the fact that there aren't any puggy's)

Annnnddd pros for Utah??

~also has gorgeous MOUNTAINS and the snow
~also has no bankrupt government
~a really growing economy
~we are right in the middle of both of our families
~and, one of the most appealing, a lot more bang for your buck!

But then once again...no puggy's ;( 

I know where ever Daron and I end up we will be so happy. But is it so bad that I just wish we had a crystal ball!? I thought the crystal ball ended after you figured out who you were marrying. But no, I was very wrong about that. I want a crystal ball to see where we are going to end up, to see what our kid's will look like, to see how many we will have, and soo many more things.

I guess that's the beauty of life. It is full of surprises. It is great advice to "enjoy the journey" one special day at a time.

Feb 23, 2011

Midnight Mystery

My mom used to always come wake me up and say that it looked like a tornado hit my room. I thought it was normal for the bed to look like this after you slept in it.

Then, this weekend, Daron sent me a picture of what our bed looks like after he slept in it by himself. 

Does this picture not look like a mouse slept in our bed!?
It cracks me up. And seriously makes me wonder what in the world I am doing in the middle of the night??

It truly is a mystery.

Feb 20, 2011

Big Shoes To Fill

All right...So I'm just gonna say it.
Mine and Daron's baby chillins have SERIOUS shoes to fill. 
I mean, they don't get much cuter. (I could be pegged as biased but regardless I don't think there is any denying how stinkin' cute these kids are. Their personalities make them that much cuter too.

(the STUD)

I remember when life was like this...
Oh to be a kid again!

(Could she not be Daron's child!?!?
I seriously wish she was. This makes me melt)

Good luck to the baby Darons and baby Dani Brees. They have big shoes to fill. Inside and out. 

Feb 18, 2011

Egypt's Fate...?

3 weeks ago my mom and I were here...

reading this...


for literally hours. 

We randomly pulled this book off the shelf and became riveted (and of course ended up buying it). The author David J. Ridges goes through various signs of the second coming by categorizing them into either: 1) Fulfilled 2) Being fulfilled 3) Yet to be fulfilled and 4) ? (meaning there isn't enough information to know) and accompanies them with commentary, quotes by leaders and scriptural references that let you find the prophecy your self. 

My mom and I saw a certain prophecy that intrigued us. It was labeled "The Gospel Will Flourish in Egypt and a Temple Will Be Built There" Both of us extremely puzzled immediately looked up the explanation.

Sure enough, Ridges says, " In a seldom noticed, brief prophecy of Isaiah, we find a very encouraging statement by the Lord that our brothers and sisters in Egypt will someday accept the gospel and that there will be a temple in that land." 

What happened the very next week? That's right. We all know. The beginning of the 18 days of protests began and on Friday, February 11, Mubarak stepped down.


It just makes me wonder if Ridges was writing the book today would he categorize this as "being fulfilled"?? (instead of "yet to be fulfilled" like he has it now?)

Constantly on the news, the question of "Democracy? or Extremists? Democracy? or the Muslim Brotherhood? Democracy?

Well...I think it is safe to say that no one can predict the future but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a step towards this sign coming to pass................................................................................

(Another interesting sign is #24. It says, "Genealogical Research and Interest in Family History Will Spread as Never Before"

Fact: the number one hobby across America in 2009 - Family History

And have you seen this show?


It's on NBC. Celebrities come and find out about their ancestors.

Season Two's Celebrities include:
-Ashley Judd
-Rosie O'Donnell
-Gwyneth Paltrow
-Kim Cattrall
-Vanessa Williams
-Steve Buscemi
-Lionel Richie
-Tim McGraw

I think it is safe to say- that's happening!)

Feb 14, 2011

the PERFECT heart

Valentine's Day was wonderful. 
But I have to say it got 10 TIMES better when I got this..

Now that is a PERFECT heart. Thank you Jessica for making my day that much better. This rocked my world.

Adios V-DAY.

(the tricks up my sleeve...)

Until Next Year!

Sure will miss ya

Feb 13, 2011

Good Old V-DAY

Me: Guess what tomorrow is!?
Daron: No school day!
Me: Nooo
Daron: Oh, Valentine's Day!! duh 
Me: Nooo
Daron: Family Home Evening??
Me: Nooo, (I'm feeling terrible at this point) 
Daron: I'm not thinking the same thing you are am I?
Me: Unfortunately not...
Daron: oh, (light bulb turns on) bachelor...

Just shows how messed up my priorities are huh? And how not messed up Daron's are. That's why I married him... So he could keep me in line! And he does just that.

Needless to say, I didn't keep up my end of the deal as well as I should have. A while ago Daron and I said that he would be in charge of planning our 1 year anniversary if I took care of Valentine's Day. I wish I could say one of my strengths is being a wonderful romantic and that I had a spectacular date planned that would blow him out of the water... 

On the bright side, I do have an easy to please, simple husband. My plan for tomorrow includes:
LOTS of these

Cleaning out this...

(This may not be a big deal to anyone else. But for Daron, a clean refrigerator = a giddy Daron.)

And last but not least, somehow, I need to figure out a way to get these messages across...

Yeah.......definitely still working on that. Can you say TICK TOCK?
Yes. I know. It's crunch time. Luckily I think I may have a few tricks up my sleeve :) 

Wish me luck!
And do us all a favor by expressing to your significant other how grateful you are for them. But no matter what, (whether you have a significant other or not) ENJOY the good old day of LOVE.

Feb 10, 2011

For All You Mothers

It is not new news that Satan's mighty forces have been attacking women for decades. For years now he has used the media to tell women of all ages that they just aren't good enough. He is very good at sending this message: the message of
"you aren't pretty enough"
"you are too fat"
"you are too skinny"
"your worth is based on your looks"
"your worth is based on the money in your wallet"
"all that matters, is what other people think of you"

So we get it. We are supposed to look like airbrushed super models. Quite pathetic and, well, ridiculous if you ask me. Also, not happening.
The point is, all this time I have thought that this was an attack on the individual. This is an attack on women.This only affects us. This is something only we have to deal with (those lucky boys...right?)

Tonight I attended the seventh Annual Marjorie Pay Hinckley Lecture. Professors come from all over the nation to discuss topics in the Social Sciences. Dr. Ross A. Thompson gave tonight's lecture and gave me information that I thought was very enlightening.

He brought up a very interesting article in the New York Times titled "Can Preschoolers Be Depressed?"

According to Dr. Thompson, researchers twenty five years ago would have replied an immediate "No" to this question. Why? Simply because the child is not mature enough to understand or feel these emotions.

Well, lucky for us, recent experiments actually give us results that are the complete opposite. Researchers have now learned that even infants can experience depression. When and why are we seeing depression in not only toddlers but also babies? His answer- The epidemic of postpartum and clinical depression of the children's mothers.

Satan has not just been attacking women. His target reaches much farther than that. 

Dr. Thompson described experiments that were done on babies that were 6 months old, a year, and 18 months. At 6 months, they found that a baby looking at a smiling adult made them feel relaxed, settled. An angry face on an adult made them feel stressed, actual physical changes inside their body occurred. At a year, the child is aware that emotions are about something. They are in response to events, people, and things. And at 18 months, the child is much more attentive than we had ever realized.

In essence, researchers are learning that children can experience severe emotional stress at a very early age. Evidence of this is portrayed in this video.

Don't worry...there is good news! WE as MOTHERS (speaking for myself in future tense of course :) CAN change this!! The effect and influence we have is astounding. The two major ways of preventing this emotional stress in our children is to 1) be sure to discuss our children's emotions with them and 2) give them opportunities to be helpful and to show compassion and attentiveness.

This professor showed various experiments where they had an adult in the room with an 18 month old. At one point, they were coloring together and the adult dropped the marker (on purpose) and instead of just picking it up herself (which of course would have been much easier to do) she gave time for the 18 month old to recognize what happened and see if he would pick it up himself. In each scenario, the child would do the act of service on his own. 

Bottom Line: We as women do not only need to be strong for ourselves anymore but for the tiny humans that we create. They are depending on us. The adversary is doing everything in his power to make us unhappy, depressed, feel worthless. It is our job to not fall into his deceiving traps and enjoy life upon this earth and BE HAPPY.

 (Me and Daron- as tiny humans. Man I have a lot to look forward to :)