Jan 30, 2011

Just Hold Me

Daron is sick, sick, sick.
The poor guy has been miserable the past 3 days. Every time I see him around the house he has Kleenex stuffed up his nose and watery eyes. 

Today, he didn't come to church or Chelsea's farewell and the fun after party. It was such a bummer to not have him there. On top of being sick, he smashed his finger in a door and hasn't been able to sleep.

(his finger with a hole where he lets the blood out)

The worst part is...he has a wife that is admittedly terrible at nurturing. She feels awkward and very out of her element. 

When I came home from the fun party I could tell he was struggling. But I didn't know what to do. So I preceded to continue on with my life and act like I couldn't tell he was hurting. Terrible right? Trust me, I know. 

Finally he just said, "Hold Me!" 
That caught my attention. I stopped what I was doing. And we just cuddled for a while and talked. I joke with Daron that he is going to have to stay home with our kids when they are sick cause he is so much better at making people feel better.
(Proof: we were laying in bed when he mentioned that he was really hungry. Ten  minutes later the sick boy comes back with chicken noodle soup for him and me. Ya, I felt pretty dumb)

It would be great if Daron could stay home with our future chillin's but let's be honest, not realistic. My quest to become a better nurturer begins!

Get better Lover. 
So I can see these faces again.

Jan 27, 2011

Our New Love

I don't blame anyone that is tired of hearing about mine and Daron's new Vitamix. I would be too! But there is a reason we love it so much. It has become part of our daily routine. Throw in some pineapples, bananas, grapes, spinach and ice and you get this b-e-a-u-t-y.

Beautiful, vibrant green deliciousness. Doesn't that just look refreshing? And it takes less than 30 seconds. For real.

You may be asking...why not just use a blender? That makes smoothies too. Fair question. Mine back to you would be- does your blender blend 4 cups of peanuts up in 60 seconds and make delicious home made peanut butter? You don't have to answer. I already know. :)

Make it as creamy, salty, crunchy, smooth, healthy, (or unhealthy) as you like! It's all up to you. I grab one of these containers and a fresh crispy apple as my new favorite snack.

Some other additional favorites are:
-strawberry ice cream
-chocolate peanut butter shake
-tortialla soup
-and ALL spinach fruit smoothies

Today I tried a smoothie with
*bananas, *frozen strawberries, *pineapple, and *spinach

Now, I'll be honest. This smoothie was muy delicioso. But one UGLY color haha It seriously was hard to eat cause it was such a gross color.

What is this? Poo pee brown?

So, it's kind of a hit or miss. We are still trying to figure out what combinations are the best. But despite some of the nasty colored smoothies, we are loyal to our new love- the VITAMIX. :)

(side note: doesn't Thumbelina just look mighty fine in this pic? I thought it show cased her nicely :)

(the day we got it- beyond anxious to open this box)

Jan 25, 2011

A Much Needed Ending

Today was one of those days. Those days where you are positive you must be on a roller coaster because you have experienced so many ups and downs and you are just trying to get through- not each hour or minute- but second. Little did I know that after this long, grueling day there would be 2 VERY special surprises waiting for me.

Surprise #1.
(get ready...this is big time)

Yup, that's right people. My very own first check. This smile is stretched from ear to ear. What's even better? I had no idea it was comin'! Total surprise. I had no idea jobs paid you for training. Who knew!? haha (I know I know...everyone did!) I'm really sad you can't see the amount it is for. A whopping $33.62. CAN YOU SAY "CHA CHING!"

(here it is! IN ALL ITS GLORY ;)
And yes, that is Nicole and Blair's announcement from...8 months ago? and Stuart and Emily's from the same amount of time. An update for the fridge display should probably become a priority. But I just love these peeps so much!

Surprise #2.
This adorable Valentine's Day package from my Mother-in-law.

-A new white button up for Daron
-An adorable red sweater with a cute purple top (loovvee the purple color)
-Gum (white ha of course)
-and, OBVS, candy hearts (I am pretty sure it is not celebrating Valentine's without them)

I loved when Daron opened the box his favorite thing was the "fun dip." I can't even remember the last time I had a fun dip but it seriously cracked me up.

When Daron saw the fun dip he laughed and said "ha your mom would never send us this. A bag full of sugar!" Not true (only kind of true) That's where the saying "Two is better than one" comes in. (Or is it "Two heads is better than one?" don't ask me, you get it)

And of course...
What is the holiday without that?
Well, it's not.

Thanks to Home Instead Health Care and a wonderful Mother-in-law, a day of turmoil ended in much needed smiles :)

Jan 23, 2011


I would say that it has been at least a year that I have been talking about how I wanted/needed to start a blog. It has always been appealing to me that 20 years down the road my kids can look back at their parents when their lives together were just beginning. That way when they are squirely teenagers Daron and I will have evidence that "YES, we too were young once" and "YES, we know what it is like." I know if my parents had a blog showing their life through the years I would be in heaven.

So why finally take the plunge now? It was a certain conversation the kicked my booty into gear. One day, Daron nonchalantly brought up how my time on good old facebook may not be the most beneficial. At first I was taken back. I never thought of myself as a facebook addict. So, initially I just thought he was semi-crazy and over reacting. However, the conversation wouldn't escape my mind. It was like an annoying fly, impossible to ignore. I was forced to evaluate and be honest with myself. (don't you hate that sometimes?) After some sincere thought, I realized it wasn't necessarily an extraordinary amount of time that I spent on facebook. (I would even say "a lot" would be an exaggeration). But I couldn't deny the fact that how I was utilizing facebook was not for good. I decided I would pay attention to how I felt after I was done being on it and just go from there.

Don't get me wrong. I am not hating on facebook. Because of it, we can do amazing things. An example of someone that uses facebook for good is Ciera Boyd (now Kizerian). This girl is my ultimate example of using the internet for good. She is always spreading an uplifting message and shining through her example.

(Ciera Boyd Kizerian and her husband Steele)

ME on the other hand updates her facebook uhhh once a year? I don't update photos of Daron and I or use it to answer my questions or get advice. It was just monotonous starring at other people's lives. I noticed that after I got off facebook for an hour I felt, well, blah. It was just kind of an empty "I'm wasting my time" feeling." A different feeling I have after I look at blogs. I think this may be due to the fact that the only blogs I look at are of people I really REALLY care about. Not my random high school friend that is doing who knows what with his life and all I can think is "holy cow, get it together!"

With that said, the test begins. In the same day, I have terminated my facebook and started my blog. I plan to fill my "extra time" with something positive. Still trying to decide what I want that to be but at least I will be doing something that is benefiting my own life and not sucked up in someone else's. (PS, by far the most thing I looked at on facebook was other people's babies. I will admit that I have been sort of obsessed. So I told Daron if he wants me to stop looking at other people's adorable chillins than that means it is time we make our own) haha in my dreams. Lame.

(Us- Just living our lives)