Apr 26, 2012

april, you came.

it's a miracle. april came and brought graduation with it. daron and i are college graduates. for real!?
you mean i will never take an exam again? i will never stay up during the wee hours of the night writing papers and finishing assignments? i will never complain about a professor again? (daron's pretty excited for that one)

i think about these things and my heart does a little pitter-patter. however, i am well aware that the day will come when i miss school. i will forget what the stress is like and see it as this dreamy world of learning and knowledge and a place where i do what i want when i want and in all reality, a time of minimal responsibility.

but for now, i will enjoy coming home to daron with a million things i could be doing and want to do with nothing that i have to do. yes, i will enjoy this time indeed.

hats off to graduation day. 
truth be told- daron pretty much hated every second. 
but he walked, for me :) sweet guy eh'? i think so. 

Apr 23, 2012

i love...

~when i am cracking up and daron tells me "i can see your uvula shaking." and it makes me laugh harder while trying to keep my mouth closed.
~when daron puts on his huge black sweatshirt and barges at me on all fours when i walk in the door. terrifying. if he had a gorilla suit on, my heart would have stopped.
~when daron gets mad at me for flossing in bed. 
~when daron wakes me up as he is going to work and tells me how beautiful i look. and he is serious.
~when daron is my "mr. calculator"
~that, now, after 2 years of marriage, i know before i complain to daron about a silly problem i have, i fix it. then i vent to him. he tells me there is something i can do to solve my problem and i tell him "i already have." but still get to vent. a WIN WIN people.
~that daron can cook and clean.
~that he can eat the same dish night after night and not get sick of it.
~how daron looks at me when he knows i am about to say something incredibly ridiculous. 
~that daron will do silly things for me like sleep by the christmas tree, switch sides of the bed, and let me hold his arm at night just so i can feel him.
~that daron keeps on loving me no matter how many times i forget to put food back into the refrigerator. 
~how daron is an example of being truly supportive. he doesn't judge, he just loves.
~that when i am doing something goofy for him, he knows i won't stop until he looks. so, he always eventually looks.
~that he doesn't recognize when i gain or lose 5 pounds. i always look the same to him. (that's lucky right there...) 
~that daron has no idea how handsome he is. 
~that daron is excited and thrilled to have children someday.
~and my favorite of all, that daron chose to be with me forever.

happy 2 year lover.
like you said last night, "the best 2 years of your life"
i couldn't agree more...


(p.s. isn't he just the most handsome!? how i can't wait to see our babies one day)

Apr 7, 2012

you know what is really fun?

~driving 13 hours in a car with 4 little ones

~making pyramids 

~relay races in the park

~ AND going on a double date with your sister and her husband. who are 35 and 36 (12 years older than you) but you feel like you are the same age and having a blast. that is particularly, really fun. 

Apr 6, 2012

Palm Springs...Not Just for Old People

Daron here. At DB's request I'm adding my 2nd installment to "our" blog.

Last week we returned from a 2 day excursion to Palm Springs, CA. We actually were in the city of La Quinta, 30 minutes south of Palm Springs and just south of Indian Wells.

Leading up to this little vacation I was certainly excited and ready for a little break from work, however, it typically goes against my principals to go on a vacation where we spend as many days at the destination as we do travelling to and from the destination. But, given that we were going to be with great company and DB was more than passionate that we make it happen, it happened.

I don't think I've ever been more surprised with the outcome of a vacation. That's probably partially a function of the fact that I was expecting a very short trip and also had no idea what to expect. But non-the-less, we had a blast. I ended the weekend with 2 main take-a-ways from our trip:

1. Palm Springs...Not Just for Old People

Prior to this weekend, when I thought of Palm Springs, I envisioned a small desert oasis where a surplus of the elderly permeated with the smell of menthol drove golf carts with yippee dogs around to various leisurely activities. Now, i'm not saying that above isn't true, but there is so much more than that. I want to know who first visited that barren wasteland and thought, we need a resort here. However when you throw hundreds of thousands of palm trees and millions of flowers, a resort is exactly what it becomes. The place is beautiful. I don't think I've seen public city grounds and sidewalks as well maintained as I saw in Palm Springs. It was the first time I saw legitimate evidence of a reasonable use of California tax revenue. I'll let DB arrange the photo evidence below.

2. Waking Up Early...Who Knew

Who knows what caused us to wake up on Friday morning at 7:00am when we had arrived the night earlier at 2:00 am. But I can honestly say that waking up early dramatically enhanced our vacation. It's just a fantastic feeling when you wake up at 7:00, get out and enjoy the location, lay out under the sun then look at the time and realize it's only 10:30. Do it. I promise blessings.