Mar 31, 2011

Honeymoon Fever

I want to go on a honeymoon. 
Daron doesn't know if we should go on a honeymoon.
It cost money (that we don't really have)
It takes time away from family vacations
(Lake Powell, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc...)

I know he is right.
But I still want to go.
I tell him,
"I don't care. It is worth it. We are going."
Then he says, "What ever you 

Then I get mad because I want him to be impractical with me.
I want him to forget what is "logical" and just whisk me away
to paradise.

Okay...so maybe the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is 
a little impractical. 
But still.
Daron and  I enjoyed a 3 day stay at the
Stein Erickson after we got married.
It was wonderful. Perfect for our circumstances.

But I would be lying if I said I didn't want
the whole SHEBANG
Warm weather, sandy beaches, 
tropical scenery, the ocean, just US
Just thinking about it gives me butterflies.

Everyone tells me that if you don't take one
before you have children, don't plan on taking
one for the next decade. 

Life just gets away from you. 
That is what I am scared of. 
There are still the endless unanswered questions...
Do we miss Lake  Powell for a honeymoon?
Where do we go?
When do we go? (fall or winter?)
Do we reach our goal of how much we want to save...
or do we break the piggy bank-
say forget it.

And do the somewhat irresponsible thing of-
enjoying a relaxing week together
in LA LA land???

I have my answer. 
Good bye Mr. Piggy

Mar 29, 2011

2 Goodies and a Scary Surprise



(alright- so these are the almost finished product. pocket still needs some work and etc... but at least they are slowly coming together)

2. Read this article. 
(from FORBES magazine)
It's long. So pop some pop corn
and get comfy. It's worth your time!

3. I just learned that Daron can burp on command.
Almost a year of marriage has gone by and I had no idea
about this hidden talent. Quite horrifying. 
Good thing he is so irresistible.

Some day I will post normal pictures of him...
~some day~

Mar 28, 2011

kOoKy DaYs

Today was just one of those weird days.
For 3 reasons:

First, I woke up this morning having had the
strangest dream.

I was pregnant. At the end of it,
I finally had my baby. It was a beautiful baby girl.
Big dark brown eyes and dark brown curly hair.

I was so excited about my new baby. 
All I could think about was how I wanted to show 
her off to my mom...but I couldn't find her.
So I decided to put my baby on a shelf 
that was also filled with cleaning supplies.

Then, once I found my mom I rushed back to
the shelf to show her mine and Daron's baby girl.
But she was gone! She had disappeared.
I lost our baby. 

I told Daron about this weird dream
and he said, "I think you will do a lot better with our 
actual baby." 
ha ha...well I sure hope so sweetheart!
We both decided not much could be determined from that
dream besides the fact that babies are on the mind. :)

Second, for the first time...I experienced someone having a 
very negative reaction to THUMBELINA.
This has never happened before.

I was over at a friends house who has four kids.
Her son (who is 7) discovered THUMBELINA 
and with the most terrified face said, "You 
only have half a thumb!"
(as if I had no idea...)
Then said, "Ew...that looks so gross."
His mom (embarrassed) told him to be nice.
But he could NOT stop starring at it and 
mentioning just how gross it looked.
I had no idea how to react. Usually I can think
pretty quick on my feet.
I was stumped. 
(ha ha no pun intended-
stumped: the part of a limb of the body remaining after the rest has been cut off.)

What was I supposed to say...
that she is cute!?
A 7 year old boy is never going to agree with that
(even though I know THUMBELINA is just down right adorable)

Third, I literally was not outside for more than .5 seconds today.
The weather was the strangest rain/sleet/hail thing.
Spring/summer really needs to get here...

On a lighter note!
Daron and I had our G.C. FHE (General Conference Family Home Evening...like I needed to clarify ha) tonight. My anticipation and excitement for conference seems to never diminish. I am in love with this weekend. 

We reviewed one of talks and talked about
the different questions/thoughts we had going into this weekend
so we can be best prepared.

A weekend filled with cheerfulness and uplifting inspiration
could not come soon enough.

Mar 27, 2011

Chicken Rooster and the Squirrel

So I think I did something naughty
but I just couldn't help myself.

Today during church, I video taped just
a tiny part of our sunbeam class.
Each week we get a laugh from these kids.
My favorite line this Sunday was when 
one little boy, Brayden, gave the prayer and said,
"Thank you for our computers and that we can play 
on them. Thank you for our video games. And we are grateful to be alive"
ha ha. priceless prayer.

I can't remember the last time I expressed gratitude "to be alive"...
his simple words made me laugh but also want to cry.
These kids are the greatest example of reminding
Daron and I to appreciate all that we so easily take for granted.

Today's lesson was called
"I am grateful for animals"
Our favorite lesson so far.
Here is a little taste.


(the squirrel)

Daron went through every single animal doing each of the noises that they make.
I thought he would get sick of it after the first 5...
but no...he did it for all 20.
I am so sad I didn't capture the pig. It was definitely the best.

I know my mom wouldn't be very happy with me that
I whipped out my camera during church. But I just had to!
(sorry Mom :)

Hopefully one day I will be able to take pictures of
all of our adorable sunbeams so we can show them off 
to the world!!
Their faces make you melt.


And for a small side note: Daron and I used the molcajete for the first time!! I was 
obsessed with this thing when I first saw it. I can't believe it took me 
this long to try it out.

It was a beauty to work with.
Trevor's guacamole recipe + the molcajete = GUACAMOLE GOODNESS

And tonight's dinner was a real winner.
Daron said, "This is my favorite experimental dinner so far."
That is a big statement ;)

ha ha. It totally looks gross.
(I promise it tasted good! and is healthy!)
Enchiladas by Rachael Ray.
She is my new go to for recipes these days.
I LOVE her because she makes my husband say
crazy things!
Thanks a million RR

Mar 26, 2011

Officially Official...

That's right!
Kirstin has got her DREAM man.
He's a tall, handsome CA boy.
Need I say more?

Ha ha. Just kidding. (but seriously)
David surprised us all, proposing to 
Kirstin on Thursday night.
It definitely was about time!

I have to confess that just earlier that day Becca and I
were discussing just how impatient we were getting.
(Okay, so I guess it mainly was just me)
I was DYING though! 
I have been anxiously awaiting this day for so long.

I am truly just so excited for all of Daron's sisters to get married.
It makes my heart sing that I get to see each of them fall in love-
search/find the perfect man, ring, dress, everything wedding, and more. 
But best of all, Daron and I have the privilege 
to attend each of their sealings.

You have to know...growing up it killed me thinking that
I wasn't going to see any of my siblings get married because
I was the youngest.
Just ask my mom.
When Courtney got married, I cried and cried and cried cause I wasn't allowed to go in.
Looking back, I cannot believe how much this thought was SO distressing
to me.
(I was 8 years old!!)

It's funny how life works out that way.
I may not have had the opportunity to see all  of my siblings get married,
but I married an oldest child!
And I will enjoy that blessing in a different way.
In a way I never expected,
but one I am so very grateful for.

Kirstin and David
Enjoy this special and wonderful time.
(It only happens once!)


and...this will make me laugh FOREVER. 

(truly, no words. there are just no words. just laughter)
Anyway, can't wait to see you in here...
It's going to be one very special day :)

Mar 23, 2011

Somethin' WHACKY

Poor Daron is sick again. 
It is crazy.
This is like the 4th time in 2 months!
It is so strange. I don't know what is wrong. 

Sunday night, I came down stairs to him watching a movie. He was doing the typical when he is sick. Laying/sleeping with toilet paper up his nose. He says it helps...??? To each their own right!?

(Look at that irresistible face)
That is his, "NURTURE ME!" face. 
(Which I am still working on...)

Last night, I had to get his computer from a neighbor's house. He had asked me earlier if we had a heating pad. I told him I thought I did somewhere.

When I came downstairs I found this.

ha ha ha.
If you can't tell, that is NOT a heating pad. It is my thermal spa cap that covers my hair when I use leave in conditioner! It is supposed to make your hair healthy and soft. I about died when I saw this. He goes, "This isn't a heating pad is it??"
Nope honey...not a heating pad.

Once he had his computer, he was up till about 11 working. (that is late for us)

I tried to snap a picture of him sleeping with his warm, wet towel that he loves on his head. 

He moved as I took the picture.  It was so sad. He looked so great. 
I don't know what is making him sick all of the time. He is eating healthier than he ever has! Somethin' is whacky. I just don't know what it is...we better figure it out soon though!
Sick Daron = Sad Daron


Mar 20, 2011

Coupons, Coupons...here I come!!!!

I didn't really know what I was getting myself into.
Daron fought me tooth and nail to not go.
He even tried to convince me to leave my wallet at home. 
He was so petrified that I was going to spend all this money and that the whole thing was a scam.

Boys. So funny. How come they don't trust us Women with our wallets?
Anyway, I am now on a serious quest to try couponing for myself. I have always wanted to but have just been so unfamiliar with coupons and thought it took way too much time. 
I needed a little PUSH to get me started. 
I definitely got just that!

 Barilla Angel Hair Pasta - 4 Boxes (1 lb ea)Maalox Liquid EX STR Cherry Size: 26 ozGillette MACH3 Razor and 2 Cartridges (Qua tang gui Vietnam)

The instructor had all of these items sitting on the table at the front (there may have been more I just can't remember all of them). She proceeded to say how, depending on what grocery store you buy at, a person is going to spend around $50 dollars for all of this. She then asked all of us what we thought she spent on everything.

Someone guessed $15 (I thought that was low. I was thinking $18 instead of 50) Someone else guessed $12. 
Then she told us. (This is where  I gasped and my mind was boggled.)
She spent... $2. 87

All I could think in my head was-
It's just not. It can't be. There is NO way. 

She told her story of how her family used to have a grocery budget of $650 for the 5 of them (It is her, her husband and 3 kids). I guess that's pretty standard for a family of that size. She says, now, they thrive on a grocery budget of $213. That includes diapers and acquiring food storage.

Is this a joke or what!? I'm still puzzled by the experience. She then went on to describe how the combination of buying something on sale and with a coupon can make it so things are FREE or the store owes you money for it. I had heard of women before that don't leave the grocery store "unless it is paying them." I never understood what they were talking about. 
Now, I do!

There are a lot reasons people think of to not use coupons. (I was one of them.) I still wonder in my head- is this too good to be true? I'm going for it anyway. It doesn't hurt to try. There obviously was a lot more detail that the instructor when into. This is the 2 second version. I was surprised how many questions the women had. They were definitely giving her a run for her money. She had remedies for ALL the concerns!! 
It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
So yeah, I admit it. I totally fell for the whole thing.
And now that I have semi-convinced Daron, the trial begins. Believe it or not, it is TOUGH to convince this guy!

Will it work for us???????
Only time will tell :)

Mar 17, 2011

Are You Prepared?

Alright. I am not posting this to be a "dooms dayer" or cause fear. But this is just darn right creepy.

(this first 30 seconds of this is pointless. you might want to skip ahead)

I literally have been telling Daron for months now that "we need to get 72 hour kits and food storage!" It's pathetic. I mean honestly...how much needs to happen before I get my booty into gear!? What is it that they say? The road to you know where is paved with "good intentions." 

Yeah...that is all I have. Empty words with nothing to show for them. 
It is always in the back of my mind how I really should get those things together. Procrastination is seriously my worst enemy. 

Tomorrow I am getting 72 hours kits.
On Saturday, from 5 - 630 I am attending a little meeting with just a small group of people that discusses how to save hundreds at the grocery store and how to start your food storage. Give me a ring a ling if you would like to come!

I am officially putting an end to this anxiety and feelings of unpreparedness.

Mar 16, 2011

Girl Power

Girls Nights.
Why do these make me oh so happy?
I love my husband. Dearly. 
But there is something about a night where you just get together with your girlfriends and have "girl talk." It makes me feel Empowered. Loved. and just plain old Happy. I can't think of anything that can replace a good laugh with your girlfriends.

Saturday night, "the girls" (Me, Ellery, Cat, Jessica and Lindsay) actually saw the Justin Beiber movie. And enjoyed every second of it.

(why aren't you in this picture??)

I just gotta say that boy is BRAVE. I couldn't believe how daring he was and how much he did not care what people said or thought. People told him no. It didn't matter. He was going to sing for you anyway. It was very refreshing to watch someone just be so vulnerable so freely. I feel like we could use a lot more of that in this world.

An unexpected surprise in the movie was this adorable man.

Wow. I love him. He sort of makes me melt. My favorite line was when we were walking out of theater and Ellery goes, "Justin Beiber is cute. But Man, that Jaden is sexy!!"
We all started laughing because we really don't know how a 12 year old can be sexy.
We just know HE IS.

A day with the GIRLS is refreshing and rejuvinating. You get to talk, and talk, and talk. What GIRLS do best.

And of course what girls are notoriously known for...

Not my strong suit. But I am learning. Slowly.To be a part of the YOUNG fam' you gotta learn!

I still to this day have to send pictures to Shalice and ask... "Is this okay?" or "Does this work?"

Then I have to send Daron pictures with this face. Obviously showing that I have no strategy of convincing him to let me get something besides beg.

( I love Kirstin's booty pokin' in there though. Lookin' gooood girl! :)

Then of course there are those items that it doesn't matter how good/bad/great/mediocre you are at shopping your heart just skips a beat when you see it. For me, it was this adorable jacket. Man oh man. I was eyeing this thing like no other. 

(A girl can dream right?)

The best part about being with the girls is you never know what to expect. The whole reason Becca, Kirstin and I took a special trip up to SLC was for this place.

If you look closely, you can see Becca's face is a little distressed. Koo De Ker closed an hour before we got there. 

 Very sad. But it was kinda funny.

 (see that yellow sweater? That's the one becca wanted. SO close yet SO far.)
Now it just gives another reason that we just have to go to SLC again. I sure didn't mind. Maybe next time the missing piece of the equation can be there.

Missing piece= Anna Banana