May 24, 2012

hidden lake

last weekend daron and i went on an adventure with some friends to the mountains. our favorite part was taking a hike up to "hidden lake." you hike along this dirt road that is lined with old houses and barns when suddenly, you step over a ridge and reach a beautiful clearing with this gorgeous view of the water.

it was so peaceful and calm. we hiked around the lake right around dusk time. i felt like i could have stayed there for hours basking in the sun. i believe i have mentioned previously an internal battle that i have ...of whether i see myself settling in the hustle bustle of an urban area right next to a big city...or...having space to run, hike and breathe the clean air of the mountains out my backyard.

it's odd to me how much i can see myself being very happy in both places.

but then again, the picture in my mind includes daron and the growing babe inside me. and i'm reminded, with them, i will be happy anywhere.

May 9, 2012

Coming this Fall...

It's true.
We are expecting!
We finally can tell the world
and we are 

May 7, 2012

our 4 wheeling adventure

spring arrives in utah and i suddenly crave s'mores. i had the pleasure of having them twice over the weekend. the second time, i had daron roast my mallows for me. best decision i ever made. who knew i married a s'mores connoisseur?? what a nice surprise. 

4 wheeling is something i had never done before. i loved every second of it. those machines are amazing. thanks to the runia fam we were able to enjoy them. i'm pretty terrible at shooting and it also makes me want to curse every time i do it. no idea where that comes from. so i kept the shooting to a minimum. 

however, the best part goes undocumented. we spent at least 40 minutes trying to pull this four runner out of the snow that had two interesting ladies in it with 3 dogs. by interesting i mean not clothed for the freezing weather and either drunk or high. i still wonder today what their plan was because if we hadn't been there (better stated, if daron and tanner hadn't been there) they could have been in serious trouble. the temperature was dropping fast and they were not movin' anywhere by themselves. but they did it! it was a miracle. daron and tanner were able to get their car out of the snow and up the hill. it was a good lesson to watch my husband and tanner be so willing to help.

can't wait for more 4 wheeling in the future. i think next time though, i will drive...