Aug 27, 2012

CA and miss Ellie Layne


i have been in CA for the week for a friend's homecoming from her mission in france. the trip is lasting a little longer than expected but who can complain about that? the weather here is my absolute favorite. it's overcast in the morning with a soft mist that covers the plants until early afternoon. by noon the sun is out in full force. 

i snapped these shots of ellie the first day i was here. i can't believe how much older she seems every time i see her. her new thing is an obsession with belly buttons. she learned where hers is and now is curious about everyone else's. at first i was very confused why she would lift up my dress and say "buh buh. buh buh" when i realized what she wanted i thought "ohh do i have the belly button for you girl!" at 28 weeks pregnant it's made quite the transformation.

my mom and i marvel at her little life here. she is smothered with love at every possible moment. and my mom, as her grandmother or "sweetheart" (as the grandkids call her) has the role of never saying "no." ellery and i laughed about how little ellie gets the grandma treatment every single day though. it just makes me think about how when you are younger you want to be older soo bad...at least i did. i can remember dying to shave my legs, dying to wear make up, dying to do my hair like my sisters. i was so fascinated by them doing their hair with the blow drier and the round brush. i used to think, "when i do that to my hair that means i am so much older and so beautiful." now i laugh at how appealing it is to be 1 years old again. your worries consisting of a binky and your mama.

and of course if you can get enough of that fudge popsicle...

Aug 21, 2012

Pink or Blue?

i caved in! 
i wanted so badly to not find out the sex of our baby...
but i thought daron may have a heart attack.
(slight exaggeration. but only slight :)

after great persistence in telling me 
1,234 reasons of why we should find out
(trust me i heard it all)
i finally told him the night before our 20 week ultrasound
that i was up for it.

and i'm happy to say i haven't regretted it.
i definitely could have gone this whole pregnancy 
without finding out,
but hey,
here's to marriage and 
future pregnancies!
i am planning on getting my dream
of a surprise one day...
i guess we will just have to wait and see.

i will never forget daron during that ultrasound.
out of no where, he blurted out,
"it's a boy"
in this calm yet i-can't-contain-myself-right-now
type of voice. 
all i kept saying was,
"where!? where!?"

the kid studied ultrasounds in hopes of sneaking a peak
in case i never came around. 
does that boggle your mind?
it did mine. never would have thought to do that...
but hey, his studying paid off!

before we went in, we both made final guesses.
daron guessed it was a boy from the beginning.
me on the other hand, i was clueless.
i could not decide.
i'm starting to wonder about the whole
"mother's intuition thing..."??

after we found out, we were both thrilled.
i would have been happy with either, 
but picturing a boy with daron has been 
really exciting.
i hope the little tyke looks exactly like him...

only 3 more months until we see!