Oct 9, 2014


3 big things happened in september.

number 1
one of my best friend's got engaged to her one and only.

this was one exciting day.
me and mary are best friends since the womb people. 
we are the real deal. 
our mom's knew we each other when we were in their tummies, we came out playing together
and have never stopped. we picked up a few more besties along the way and have never looked back.
i am a lucky person to have the best friends i do. 
they have completely changed my life, for the better.
i love them like my own family.

number 2
daron's sister, becca, returned home from her mission.

she was a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18-months in the stockholm, sweden mission.
how we love having her back!
the family feels complete again.
and i couldn't be more impressed by her decision to serve. missions are not easy.
 i am so proud of her for accomplishing such an incredible thing. 
i say to her what she said to her friends and family at the end of each weekly letter,
puss och kram, becca!
(hugs and kisses)

number 3
i turned the big quarter of a century!
it was actually kind of a rough day. daron had strep and was feeling awful. i was exhausted from the weekend pulling off the engagement and traveling to CO. once we finally arrived home, i knew it was either cry from exhaustion or take a nap. 

i took a nap ;) 

daron and i decided celebrating later would be best.
but then a few of those best friends i was talking about earlier dropped their plans to come hang out with my birthday self. 
they saved the day. 
they are the sweetest.

we ate at a unique, fun restaurant in LA and then, per my request, ate our weight in cheesecake. 

it tuned out to be a good birthday.