Nov 28, 2013

thanksgiving through the years






i am thankful for all the thanksgivings i have been able to spend with daron.
i can't believe we have spent a half a decade of thanksgivings together!
why does that seem like so many?
i can't imagine what it will be like celebrating our 50th thanksgiving together.
i hope that picture has us really wrinkly and old with dozens and dozens of smiling face surrounding us.

i am so thankful for the thanksgiving holiday!
it is so nice to be able to take time to relish in everything we have to be thankful for.
here's to decades of thanksgivings to come with this family of mine...

happy happy thanksgiving!

Nov 27, 2013

a little rendezvous in newport

thanks to a last minute decision we found ourselves at the newport coast villas with a few family members over the weekend. saturday morning we took a walk along the beach and ate at this yummy breakfast place that sits on the sand called the beachcomber. we relaxed and hung out in our "what evers" most of the time enjoyed the beautiful ocean view!

i still cannot get over this day. is this weather for real? is it really november? i lived in utah for long enough that i have forgotten what southern california weather is like. it's sort of surreal! 

we also laughed at things like my sister, shalice, tripping over this huge pile of seaweed,

and carter discovering tortilla chips

i know carter, i know. they're addicting.

we spent some time on the balcony taking in the ocean view while eating raspberries and squinting because it was so bright. this really was the dinner-is-almost-ready-we-are-desperate-time.

that night, we met up with a few friends at fashion island to see the lighting of their Christmas tree. i have been really trying to hold off on Christmas festivities. i have always been a die hard Christmas-after-thanksgiving type of person but holy smokes, a person can only wait for soooOOOOOooo long. thanksgiving is so late this year! 

the truth is i started blasting 103.5 Christmas songs on the coast in my car about 2 weeks ago. i couldn't resist! one day, i turned on Christmas music while showering, not thinking anything of it. daron came in the room shocked. oopsies. and alas, my secret was out. since then, we have just decided to embrace Christmas with open arms. and there's no better way to get giddy about Christmas than seeing fashion island's incredible Christmas tree. it's one the tallest in the entire world. over 100 feet and au naturel. the smell... it's amazing!

the before^

and after!^

i have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of this tree this season
i know your favorite tree should probably be your own, but since "our" tree this year is technically my parents, i'm dubbing fashion island's tree as my favorite. feeling really good about this decision too...

Nov 25, 2013

thanksgiving! thanksgiving!

it's officially the week of thanksgiving.
daron and i leave for daron's hometown tomorrow morning
and we are so excited.

it's going to be a very busy time.
we are excited to spend time with daron's parents and sisters
and his wonderful extended family.

i feel so blessed
that daron and i both have such supportive families 
that love our son
as much we love him.

i am so thankful 
for my sweet family.
i am grateful
that our bodies are healthy and strong.
we are living and breathing
and our bodies can do what we need them to do.
our son is healthy 
and full of joy.

i am so thankful 
for the opportunity to be a mother
and for the knowledge i have
that God lives
and he cares for me
and my family.
we are learning and growing together
and doing our best to enjoy the journey.
there's not much more you can ask for!

happy thanksgiving week to all!

Nov 21, 2013

friday harbor

the last day of our trip was spent on the island of San Juan. 
The moment you step on the island you meet a little touristy town called Friday Harbor.
This was my favorite place that we visited.
after a 2 hour ferry boat ride, you can discover the entire island in about an hour drive.


the end!

i am so grateful for my family and the opportunity to travel with them. this was our little family's first family vacation with just the 3 of us. my heart was full the entire time. my life now is what i have been looking forward to for a long time. i have been waiting to have a family of my very own to make memories with and go on adventures with that bring us closer together. i absolutely love these pictures, but i also love the non- pictured moments that these pictures remind me of. these 4 days away gave me and daron the opportunity to put aside our busy lives and have time to just talk.                       we talked about really important things,-  things that have been weighing heavily on me since becoming a mom -                  and also talked about light hearted things,                                that made us laugh, a lot. this trip reminded me how much i want a close family that relies on each other for support and is always there for each other. i know whether a family is close really depends on day to day decisions. but i also think getting away, taking a breather, and taking time to do things that are out of the ordinary can be so uplifting. the trip to anacortes is sure to be one we never forget!p.s.- a huge thank you to my father and mother-in-law for helping so much to make this trip happen. thank you!! and we love you!