Apr 8, 2016


A few of my favorite snapshots from Easter weekend. Big news around these parts... the Easter Bunny finally found us this year! ;) We enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt at my parent's house and spent the rest of the weekend up there. I died all weekend from Naomi in her bunny ears. Carter was in heaven, as usual, with his cousins and this year, WE hid the eggs instead of my mom who hides them in ridiculously hard places and so it takes forever to find them. Truly, it gets to the point where it isn't fun anymore, ha! She does the same thing with our Christmas pajamas. 

These two little cousins are going to be future heartbreakers for sure... Their bond is so sweet to watch but beware, if you take your eyes off them you will pay for it! 

Our best attempt at a group picture of the cousins present.

Carter & Lorenzo loving on the newest addition to the family, Gabriel!

Easter Sunday...

And one more of Naomi because she's a little ball of sunshine that I can't get enough of! I love experiencing all the "firsts" that come with a baby's first year of life.

We never got around to dyeing Easter Eggs this year but we did make a big effort to focus on the true meaning of the holiday and it brought an incredibly sweet spirit into our home. We are so grateful for our Savior and know He lives! 

Also, last year's Easter (without out Miss Naomi!) and a few years before that, here. I'm not as consistent as I would like to be with this blog but I love seeing how much life changes over the quickly passing years!