Jan 26, 2017


This cheeser had his first day of preschool right after the new year. He would always tell me he didn't want to go but I knew he would love it. Thinking back on his first day still makes me laugh. I was set on being on time but somehow we found ourselves late. I was rushing Carter and Naomi inside, Carter was running with his cute backpack on yelling to me, "Mom! C'mon! I'm gonna' be late!" as my 9 month pregnant-self was waddling as fast as I could behind him. 

Suddenly, he lost his shoe and his face turned to sheer panic. I yell at him something about hurrying up and "Just get inside! We'll fix it once we're in there!" He's in shock and says, "Mom, I can't go inside with just one shoe!?" I couldn't help but die laughing. It was totally chaotic and jumbled, everything I had tried to not have it be. Not surprisingly too, Carter was reminding me about everything I needed to do.

"Mom, did you get my water bottle?"
"Mom, did you write my name on my snack?"
"Did you bring my extra pair of clothes?"

He just felt so old to me that morning. We felt like we were on the same playing field. I have a love/hate relationship with experiences that make me realize my sweet boy isn't a baby or toddler anymore. He's growing up and there's nothing I can do about it but I guess hang on and enjoy the ride.

Jan 16, 2017


I'm currently 40.5 weeks pregnant. The scene in the picture above has been one I've been taking in for weeks now. I've thought a lot about how fitting it is to add a fresh baby from heaven at the time of year that is also known for being a fresh start. 

This year, for 2017, I want to work on saying compliments when I think them. I want to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt. A recent quote I saw on instagram articulated this goal perfectly - 

"Leave people better than you found them."

This particularly applies to Daron, the man that makes our world go round. I don't want positive things I think about Daron to go unsaid. I want Daron to know every little detail and reason of why I love him. I want to express gratitude to him more and tell him more why I appreciate him. I also want to be more patient with my children. My motto this year is "slow to anger." That sounds like I'm a bad mom but I have this habit where I am patient, patient, patient and then all of a sudden I'm really not patient. I also have a goal to read the church lessons before the lessons each Sunday so I can get the most out of them.

On New Years Eve, we were with friends and I was enthusiastically listing off all my aspirations and goals  for the coming year. Suddenly, one of the husbands in the room said, "This sounds good but you should probably just have the goal to get through this first year because you never know what life with a new baby is like." I was totally taken back but burst out laughing because he was sooo right! It was a total reality check for me. Somehow I forgot how unpredictable life is with a newborn and about how the only constant thing that first year is change and that I don't start accomplishing a regular to-do list for months - if I'm lucky!

So, with that, I also have one more goal - to be patient with myself. 

So excited for you, 2017!!!! 
{Favorite pictures of the year so far below}

Jan 12, 2017


There was a day between Christmas and New Years that was totally dreamy and will always be remembered as one of my favorite days. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary... the morning was spent cleaning and organizing and after a later lunch we decided to take an unplanned trip to one of our favorite parks/beaches, Moonlight Beach. 

The weather was a little chilly but the kids wanted to play by the water anyway. The sunset was beautiful and the kids were so giggly and happy. Naomi was literally making me belly laugh and both she and Carter were so thrilled to just be with us.  I can hear their little giggles as I recall the night right now and it gives me butterflies! It was just one of those perfect days and for me, sort of felt like our last little hoorah as a family of four. It kind of reminded me of this day with Carter a few weeks before Naomi was born. I appreciate experiencing one perfect day before a new baby comes. It gives me closure and helps me feel ready for the life changing event of adding another little one! 


A few random photos from the week leading up to Christmas. I was a little nervous to have our first Christmas at home with our little family of four. I was worried it would be a little lonely since we usually are around tons more family but the holiday was surprisingly wonderful and definitely what my 37 weeks-pregnant-self needed. We kept things low key to eliminate as much stress as possible and it was a huge blessing. I learned a lot about the things that are worth doing and what maybe isn't worth doing and what traditions I want to start next year.

It was hilarious watching Naomi's favorite part of Christmas be throwing away all the wrapping paper and Carter... well that boy could open presents until he was dead! This year, Santa brought Carter a "balance" scooter (that's what Carter calls a scooter with two wheels instead of three) and Naomi a house of blocks. Santa knows his stuff because both gifts have been a hit! 

For me, it's most important that my kids feel the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas while also enjoying the different secular aspects and that after the holiday, we feel closer as a family. That's sort of the whole point right? I want to feel closer to my husband and kids after celebrating the birth of the Savior and feel like our relationships have been strengthened. Celebrating simply really helped us achieve that and made me already antsy for next year!  


The picture on our Christmas card this year... Naomi's personality is somethin' else these days. She's a total riot! I'm always trying to catch her personality but I seem to barely miss the moment. Then we finally semi-pulled ourselves together to try and take a family picture in front of the tree we chose and she turns it on! The only pictures I have of her looking forward she has her tongue out. Little stinker!

And our letter, below. Daron writes the letter every year and it always makes me so happy. Letters are definitely a dying tradition but they're not dying in our house! We are committed!

Jan 11, 2017


I've wanted to ice skate at Hotel Del Coronado for a few years now. Coronado Island is one of my most favorite places - so charming! - and so I look for any excuse to go there. I'm excited for next year when I can actually ice skate too! Sweet Daron won the most patient Dad award that day. It was Carter's first time ever ice skating and it threw him for a little loop. He had a blast but we didn't really prep Carter on just how "slippery" it would be, haha! He was very confused at the beginning. It was so fun to watch them though and I didn't mind hanging out being entertained by Naomi. She can entertain for forever!

After ice skating, we checked out the cool sand castles people build on the beach. I took bump pictures in my reindeer sweater because Daron gave me such a hard time when I bought that sweater while pregnant with Naomi. He was convinced I would never get my money out of it. He would say, "You're probably never going to be pregnant in the same season again" etc and here I am! (much sooner than we anticipated!) about to pop in winter! The sweater was even more convenient this pregnancy because I was bigger over the holidays. It was literally one of 3 shirts that got me through December. And I can't even tell you how many people would comment on how happy it made them. This is an insane tangent about my reindeer maternity Christmas sweater so I'm guessing you get the hint that I'm incredibly proud of the purchase! hahaha

Next time, I'm hoping to be able to stop at the ice cream parlor they have and have more time to walk along the beach and put Naomi on some skates too!