Jun 11, 2015


Just a few of the billions of pictures we have of life since Naomi on our phones. Most of the pictures are very representative of life right now-- the 3 of us hangin' around the house with no where to be. We've managed a few outings for Carter's sake {and mine}. Getting out of the house has been especially helpful on the days when it feels like Carter has been in time out 600 times before noon and he's using the breast pump bottle as a megaphone...

Thankfully, someone I admire "virtually" reminded me a few years back how important it is to not rush the different seasons of our lives. Her words stuck with me and have helped me to embrace the newborn stage a little bit better this go around. It's a unique time and like everyone says...

it rushes by all too quickly! 

Jun 9, 2015


6 weeks ago today, our sweet girl made her big debut. Below are a few of my favorite photos since she came {and by a few...you know of course I mean a lot ;) }

I know...I know...this sounds totally cheesy, but guys--I really mean it when I say it's hard for me to remember life before Naomi came. It's been incredible {and a little strange} to feel like I have known her forever since the moment I met her. So often, I look at her and think, "Heyyy, I remember you!" 

She is wildly familiar. 

It's made the transition to two kids so different than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to rock my world and throw me for this huge loop. But instead, it's been more like--oh yeah, hey Naomi. What's up. You're finally here. Great. Okay...moving right a long. It reminds me of when you get to see your husband naked for the first time. There is so, so much anticipation for the moment and then it happens and it's so...normal and almost weird how normal it is.  

{Bet you weren't expecting that comparison were you? ;)}

Welcome to the fam, Naomi! We're smitten with you.

Jun 3, 2015


We've updated! Can you believe it!? I was feeling a little like the newest addition to our family is in this picture about the blog...the whole thing was {yawn} boring and embarrassingly outdated! I'm thrilled that our little space online is representative of our growing family now. 

Hopefully next week I will find time to write about our sweet baby girl. To say we are in love is an understatement. The past 5 weeks have been some of the best weeks of my life. Newborn heaven is real and I feel so lucky to be experiencing it! 

Until next week!