Jan 15, 2018


With each baby, I look forward to their first day of church. For both girls, I have bought their dresses before they were born and anxiously awaited putting them in it. The dress is always teensy, tiny and I'm reminded how little newborns are. 

I'm writing this post 8 months later and I can't stop looking at my 3 kids and being baffled by how much they have changed. You don't really notice as time passes from day to day but these pictures make it incredibly apparent. So much has changed since I took these pictures.

During church, I went into the Mother's Room to feed her and the craziest thing happened.

She had just finished and so I was fumbling around trying to put myself back together and at the same time was looking for her blanket. I finally found it (dropped behind the chair) and went to hand it to her and when I looked down, I was greeted with the BIGGEST smile from her that stretched from ear to ear.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The smile - it was huge! I barely caught the tale end of it (in the above picture) because of course, I was fumbling around again to find my phone. But then she just kept going - giving me big smiles one after the other. I remember feeling sad there wasn't anyone else in the room to witness the moment.

I took the whole thing as a sign that she loves church just as much as her mama and it made me really happy.


Shiloh was blessed on a beautiful spring day in March. I remember it being easy to wake up that morning which was out of character for me at that time because I was getting very little sleep. I also remember feeling giddy for her special day. I got her dressed and took some pictures of her before the chaos all started. 

These pictures of her in her dress make me melt in a puddle. I can't get enough of her beautiful little face and I wish I could replay this morning over and over. It was so sweet and so special. 

The details on her dress...

Quite a bit of Daron's family was able to attend the blessing. His parents stayed with us over the weekend and so Shiloh got to get dressed (for real this time ;) by her Grandma. 

Her dress was a gift given to her from her Aunt Ellery who found it while shopping in an antique shop. Her sweet bonnet was also a gift from a friend, Missy Turnbull. I don't know what I would have done without these inspired gifts!

She was blessed in the beloved Cardiff Ward where we attended for over two years. Below is a picture of all of the wonderful men who stood in the circle to bless her. One of my favorite parts of a baby blessing is seeing all the admirable men in my life circle that tiny, sweet baby to give her a name and a blessing.

I can't remember why Naomi had this face but I remember her being difficult after the meeting. I honestly had never seen the face she has (in the picture below) before and I haven't seen it since this day. I don't know what I was saying to her in this picture, but I do know just before this she had been running around with a poopy diaper and had just got it all over her Uncle Trevor, hahaha. So, I guess I can sort of imagine what this conversation was about.

Afterwards, we enjoyed Board & Brew sandwiches and yummy desserts at a nearby park. 

I will always remember Shiloh's blessing as very moving. It made me really emotional. I was more emotional with every experience involving Shiloh though. I remember Daron blessed her with many strengths and tools to overcome the obstacles she would have in this life. Since the moment I found out I was pregnant with Shiloh, I've always had a strong impression that she is something very special and have felt so lucky she's ours!


Almost exactly one year ago these two sisters met for the first time. The whole ordeal was a little bit of a whirlwind. Carter was rushed to preschool that morning while Shiloh was still asleep. It made me sad that they didn't meet Shiloh together but things got thrown off when the kids weren't allowed in the hospital. (flu season) 

I look at these pictures now and forget how timid Naomi was. I remember feeling really uncertain about how she would react. I'm convinced she thought we brought her home a live doll. Every time Daron would say, "Naomi! Do you want to meet your baby sister?!" Naomi would say, "Dad! I'm the baby!!!!!" hahaha 

It's fun to see how much their relationship has changed since then. These days, Shiloh is already a little pest to Naomi. She will pull her binky out and try and steal her blanket. Naomi will bring stuffed animals, blankets, and books to Shiloh "to help her feel better." Naomi is already a little mom to her. I am constantly catching Naomi feed her. She bites grapes in half and will say, "Mom this big?" My favorite is when Naomi does something nice for Shiloh and I say, "Shiloh say thank you!" and Naomi very passionately says, "No no Mom, she can't say thank you yet. She's too wittle." 

I also catch Shiloh taking in every single thing Naomi does and I mean every single thing... It's crazy how much later children absorb so early on. Thankfully, as of right now, being a little copy cat of Naomi isn't so bad. I'm just so grateful these two have each other.. oh! to have a sister!

Jan 9, 2018


Last week, a glorious thing happened.

I managed to get the older two kids asleep while Shiloh was taking her morning nap. It's amazing what makes me feel invincible these days but getting all 3 of my kids asleep at the same time is on the list.

I did chores around the house until I heard noises coming from Shiloh.

Then we had a whole hour of alone time. It was a really good hour.

I went through all the emotions that come from anticipating the big first birthday. Happy and sad. I couldn't stop loving on her. She kept crawling up the glass door, feeling so proud of herself. 

With each baby, I usually have one word that reminds me of them during that first year. Carter's was happy and Naomi's was sweet.

Shiloh's is squishy.

Every part of her is scrumptious. Quite frankly, I'm not sure how she is still here since every day I want to gobble her up. 

Expect a major Shiloh overload this week since I have about 582,395 posts on her from last year that I never got around to publishing. That's an exaggeration ;) but there is a lot!!

Jan 2, 2018


Consisted of wearing cozy socks and sweats until 3 o' clock
me convincing Daron to work from home
lots of cleaning and organizing 
the cutest daddy/daughter lovin'

these two wrecking havoc in their new jeep and cracking me up while doing it...

admiration for the pretty palms in our backyard

a messy house with the cutest 3-toothed grinning Shiloh

and a walk/bike ride along the 101. 

we rounded out the night with tacos from The Taco Stand. As I was devouring my carne asada taco Daron reminded me that one of my New Year's resolutions was to not eat meat, hahaha. How did I not even make it one day!!????? He was staring at me, trying not to laugh, and said, "How about those New Year's resolutions huh?" 

So classic.

Welcome 2018! Hoping we can have a do-over where I officially start my resolutions tomorrow instead!!!????

Dec 15, 2017


(^^ what's this!!!!????? a group picture!!!?)

We went up to Dana Point Harbor last night to meet up with cousins and see the lights they have this year. We thought about going to the Newport Boat show but then realized we are a total circus when we are together (with 8 kids 6 and under) and we should probably just keep it simple especially since my sister and I were without our husbands. 

When we got in the car that night, Carter buckled his seatbelt and said, "I wish we could stay there forever with them." It's not easy for us all to meet up (thank you California traffic) and sometimes it feels pointless because conversation is interrupted every other minute with a fall, a spilled drink, sibling bickering, "Mom I don't want my hat," and "Mom no I actually do want my hat" haha you get the picture but I left last night feeling like all the chaos is worth it. 

Shiloh also turned 11 months old yesterday... which meant I spent much of the day grieving that she will turn ONE soon. Her perfectly squishy-self makes me so happy and although I know what I have to look forward to with her as she becomes a toddler, she has brought me an indescribable amount of joy as a baby. I love her kissing, clapping, cuddly, squishiness so much. She's a little bundle of joy and I kind of want her body to stay rollie pollie like forever. (I know I've said squishy twice but she is just soooooo that - squishy!! And you don't quite understand until you hold her for yourself, haha!)

These next few photos sums these two right up...

I'll never forget Carter spotting the mistletoe. He started squealing and said, "Mom! There's mistletoe! You have to kiss me!" hahaha We've talked about what mistletoe is before but I had no idea he knew what it looked like. 

I scooped him up and he gave me a million little kisses. And it made me feel so special.

The kids danced forever to a guy playing music. Naomi was in heaven. And Shiloh entertained everyone around with her waves and clapping and smiles. My kids stayed another half hour after their cousins left to keep dancing and singing and I managed to get us back to the car without tears!!! A night for the books!