Dec 11, 2017


My favorite moment from the weekend...

While I cleaned up lunch and put Christmas cards together, Daron took the kids swimming on Saturday afternoon. They hadn't been in so long! I forgot what it was like to hear splashing and endless giggles from the backyard. That was such a familiar sound over the summer.

Shiloh cracked us all up munching on goggles while she floated around in her infant life jacket. 

Crazy Carter swam in the "cold pool."

And Miss Naomi was her 2-year-old self bossing everyone around and pushing Carter in when she got the chance... little stinker.

And last but not least, smooshy face Shiloh. 

(A different moment that rivaled for first place... Sunday night's pre-bedtime dog pile!)

*If you're wondering - those are frozen blueberries smeared all over Carter and Naomi's faces, haha!

Dec 8, 2017


Daron sent me a picture early this morning just after he had left for work... a blurry selfie pic of our first time in new york together... along with the words "3 years ago today." 

It brought back all the feelings. He has a convention there every year in December. We wanted to make it a tradition for me to tag along with him each year. Sadly, we only got to go two years in a row when our tradition was interrupted with baby Shiloh. Her due date was a month out from the convention and as much as part of me wanted to make it happen, we were pretty uneasy with the thought of something unexpectedly going wrong while in New York. 

I took a long shot and tried to convince Daron to let me and alllllll the kids tag along. He didn't go for it, hahaha. BUT he promised to consider letting us all tag along NEXT year. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Of course, he tempered my tail wagging but I felt like Lloyd Christmas on Dumb and Dumber saying, "So you're saying there's a chance!" 

The first year we went, I was about 5 months pregnant with Naomi. The trip was a whirlwind and I ended up never posting it here. I figure I should finally post the pictures since I'm reminiscing.

Oh, also the most thrilling part was that it was Daron's first time!!! I was shocked when he told me he had never been before. Technically, it wasn't my first time but it may as well have been because 3 words: self-absorbed teenager... so so sad. 

The trip started off with a bang when we checked out the 9/11 memorial. I'll never forget the moment I saw this place for the first time - it took my breath away.

Christmas markets!!!! I forgot how dreary and wet and freezing it was that first year!! It rained non-stop. I'm shivering looking at these pictures! Funny thing I think I hardly noticed while we were there!

Seeing Daron take in Time Square for the first time. That was a good moment. He was blown away! And that doesn't happen very often...

Walking the High Line... we froze during this part but something great happened... my Alaskan-born husband showed me for the first time the proper way to tie a scarf. You know, so it actually keeps you warm! It was genius, ha!

Oh, Levain... no caption does you justice... I'll just say - you live up to your name.

And the Rockefeller Center and Christmas Tree... this place blew me away. I had butterflies every time I saw the Rockefeller Tree. It never got old.

Then I made us ice skate because I had been dreaming about the moment for so long. But ice skating proved to be hard for me while pregnant, haha. 

I attempted to do tricks...

And they ended up like this...
^^(A little confused why I thought ice cream was a good idea???)

And the New York temple! Amazing!

 Final highlights included Christmas trees around every corner, the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City, Magnolia Bakery, Central Park, Max Brenner, all the food, this cool book store I can't remember the name of and New York just being New York.

Dec 6, 2017


Most nights, Daron brushes the kid's teeth and then reads them a book while I do the dishes from dinner. After a book, they always request that he "hold them like a baby and sing songs to them." Once they are tucked in bed, he hollers at me that it's my turn for hugs and kisses. I walk in their cozy room with their little heads poking out from underneath their blankets.

Carter always squeezes me really tight and has the biggest grin on his face when I tell him that "I love him with my whole heart." I usually tell him what I loved doing with him that day and a few reasons why I love him and it's one of the very few times where he is perfectly quiet. Then it's lots of kisses. Boy do I love those kisses. 

As I wander over to Naomi, I'm usually wondering how long Carter will willingly give me such big kisses and hugs. 

Then there's Naomi giggling in her bed, thrilled it's finally her turn. 

Each night it's the same. She says, "I'm going to do this to your cheeks." Then she smooshes my cheeks together which looks a lot like this...

then she says, "say I love you." And she makes me tell her "I love you" over and over and over. She makes me alternate between saying it loud and then in a whisper. 

The other night, she was really sad because I couldn't find her binky. As she was sobbing from exhaustion she asked me to lay by her. I crawled in her tiny toddler bed and held her hand while she fell asleep. I had a perfect view of the whole profile of her face - with her curly eyelashes, button nose and prominent chin that looks exactly like mine. 

I found myself staring at her perfect profile having one of those incredibly rejuvenating moments as a Mom. Those moments that are just that, a small moment lasting maybe only a few seconds, but in those few seconds it feels as if your heart just grew 3 sizes.

I started picturing her as a teenager and tried to figure out what that cute profile was going to look like and said a little prayer that she would love me back, just like I love her, forever and ever.