Apr 24, 2017


Exactly one year ago today Daron and I met Hanalei Bay for the first time. We were in Kauai celebrating 6 years of marriage. It was a Sunday. We woke early to get ready for church and make the stunning drive along the north shore to get to the church building. I remember so clearly the green, majestic mountains all around us and the wind on my face as we drove in our silver convertible.

After church, we headed to the St. Regis to have brunch. I'll never forget the first time I saw the view from the St. Regis hotel. Butterflies immediately filled my stomach and Daron and I couldn't stop laughing. Was this real life?! After we took a few pictures, we made our way to our table. 
While eating the most delicious food, Daron proceeded to tell me something completely out of the blue. I remember him comfortably leaning back in his chair, taking in the view and then saying to me, "So, a thought came to me while at church today that you're pregnant and that it's going to be okay."

My jaw dropped as I was stuffing my face with taro chocolate chip waffles. I couldn't believe what came out of his mouth. I asked him to repeat himself because I was in shock and had to hear it again. He was so calm as he again told me he believed I was pregnant and that although it was much sooner than we anticipated, the timing was right. He then described the peace that came over him after this thought came to him. 

Then he nonchalantly went back to eating his food while I sat there in disbelief.

And here we are one year later to the day...

snuggling this one every morning. It turns out Daron's thought at church was right. I was pregnant. VERY pregnant. Like, I felt sick on the airplane ride home pregnant... 

This trip was so magical. There are so many good memories from it I need to post pictures soon. I came home from the trip sicker than a dog and never got around to it!

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