Jan 11, 2017


I've wanted to ice skate at Hotel Del Coronado for a few years now. Coronado Island is one of my most favorite places - so charming! - and so I look for any excuse to go there. I'm excited for next year when I can actually ice skate too! Sweet Daron won the most patient Dad award that day. It was Carter's first time ever ice skating and it threw him for a little loop. He had a blast but we didn't really prep Carter on just how "slippery" it would be, haha! He was very confused at the beginning. It was so fun to watch them though and I didn't mind hanging out being entertained by Naomi. She can entertain for forever!

After ice skating, we checked out the cool sand castles people build on the beach. I took bump pictures in my reindeer sweater because Daron gave me such a hard time when I bought that sweater while pregnant with Naomi. He was convinced I would never get my money out of it. He would say, "You're probably never going to be pregnant in the same season again" etc and here I am! (much sooner than we anticipated!) about to pop in winter! The sweater was even more convenient this pregnancy because I was bigger over the holidays. It was literally one of 3 shirts that got me through December. And I can't even tell you how many people would comment on how happy it made them. This is an insane tangent about my reindeer maternity Christmas sweater so I'm guessing you get the hint that I'm incredibly proud of the purchase! hahaha

Next time, I'm hoping to be able to stop at the ice cream parlor they have and have more time to walk along the beach and put Naomi on some skates too!

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