May 30, 2017


^^ so typical of  my mom, i love her

^I'll never forget Carter helping her with her first bath. He was so tender and careful.

^fluffy after bath hair!
^how she is looking at her grandma! 

Shiloh's first two weeks of life were filled with lots of help, love from her siblings, her first bath, dominos (lots and lots of dominos!), cozy weather and lots of smothering from me. I feel incredibly lucky I have a lovely mother and mother-in-law that are willing to come help me after having a baby, what a difference it makes! This time was fun because my sister Shalice came too.

The weather the first few weeks of Shiloh's life was so perfect. It rained almost every day making for the best baby-snuggling weather. It was my first time ever having a baby in winter. And although I don't want another winter baby ever again because of the February we had (more on that later), I couldn't get over how much I loved having a new, precious baby to cuddle while the rain pounded outside... pretty magical!

I remember during this time constantly staring at Shiloh while she peacefully lay asleep in her little Moses basket. I was so in awe of her. It's so funny at the beginning because the sleep part of a newborn's life totally stresses me out - but then every time my new babies fall asleep I have to resist this crazy urge to wake them up! I also remember during this time feeling so perplexed how you can go through 9 very difficult months of pregnancy and then the second you meet your baby, it's like none of it ever happened... a total miracle if you ask me! 

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