May 24, 2017


A few of my favorite pictures from the hospital with Shiloh. I had a friend once refer to the time in the hospital after having a baby as "a little trip to heaven" and I have yet to come across a better description. With Shiloh's birth we had to stay the full 48 hours because I tested positive for strep B and did not make it to the hospital in time to receive the antibiotic. My mom watched Carter and Naomi so we could have two wonderful days of taking in our baby girl without distractions (besides hospital distractions of course). 

I gave birth to Shiloh at the new UCSD hospital located in La Jolla in one of their birthing center rooms. The hospital is so nice, Daron and I often confused ourselves for being in a hotel. The birthing center rooms are on the 10th floor and have gorgeous views. My favorite part was being able to look out and see twinkling city lights surrounding the San Diego Temple at night. It made being up in the middle of the night kind of amazing. 
^^ My dad holding her for the first time

^^Her cheeks!!!!

^All dressed and ready to come home

Having precious alone time with our new babe was a trip to heaven indeed. Amazing how a few months later, these days feel like a lifetime ago... it's all too fleeting!

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