Jun 15, 2016


We celebrated Naomi's birthday by first running into her room all at once to sing to her. Thanks to that she knew something was different. I blew up balloons to put under her highchair which she loved and we started the morning off right with a candle and a stack of Swedish pancakes. She couldn't stop giggling and scrunching that button nose of hers. She had a hard time waiting for us to be done singing to her too. Daron had to hold her off while we sang because she was impatiently swatting at the pancakes. 

^When your parents put pancakes in front of you with no fork! ;)

Later that afternoon, her Aunt Ellery and cousins, Ellie and Lorenzo, came over to celebrate. I cooked everyone pasta and then we had VG's cupcakes for dessert. Naomi loved all the cousins surrounding her while she devoured her cupcake. 

It was sort of amazing to watch her eat it. She slowly took it apart and stuffed her face one bite at a time with those two adorable fingers of her's. And, in typical Naomi fashion, I barely had to wipe her face at the end because she licks every last morsel she can find. She was impressively ladylike about the whole thing. This happened to be completely opposite from her older brother's first birthday. (I'll never forget this day!)

I can't believe she is one. Fastest year of my life. 

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  1. she's so darn cute! Fun that my parents could be there to see that pancake dig in!