May 3, 2017


The night before Naomi's birthday, I could hear Carter whispering to Naomi while in their beds. In his high-pitched-I-can't-contain-my-excitement voice he told her how there were going to be balloons in the morning when she woke up and she was going to get pancakes with candles in them. He explained to her how to blow the candles out and taught her all about making a wish and it was the best conversation I have eavesdropped on to date.

We had been talking with Naomi about her birthday all week and so when she woke up that morning and saw her balloons, she put on her shy little grin she does sometimes. I loved watching her realize it was her special day. 

Her and Carter were extra giggly all morning. She sang as we sang happy birthday to her and we sang to her 3 times because she would exclaim, "Again! Again!" after every time. 

Carter prepped her well for the blowing out of the candles. She took one big breath and blew all the candles out in one swoop! I was really impressed!

And then she patted her tummy and cheered which she does when she is very pleased with herself. 

After lots of singing and re-lighting of candles, we dug into the pancakes together. For both the kids birthday, I always make a Swedish pancake recipe that Daron grew up having.

And this girl... because I actually had my good camera out and caught that happy smile of hers...

For Naomi's little party we headed up to Corona Del Mar to meet up with family. It was the last weekend my parents would be living there and so it was fun to have one last little hoorah.

And drum roll, for the first time ever, I tackled making a cake for my kid's birthday! Big deal for my non-cake-making self, even if it was from a box, haha. I wanted to make another cake too for everyone to enjoy so Thursday afternoon I worked on both cakes with my friend Kristy who offered to help me. 

I reminded Daron religiously about the cake during the hour and fifteen minute drive to Corona Del Mar. The cake was still in perfect condition until the last right turn to get to the beach. Two pedestrians unexpectedly walked out and it was either hit the people or save the cake...

^^Better luck next year, hahaha. Still kicking myself I didn't get a before picture. I sort of wanted to cry but I decided to laugh instead because #life. 

We put the cake on her high chair and let her go for it.

She ate her cake the exact same way on her first birthday.

Then there were these little characters with the hats on... I didn't think they would actually wear the hats but as it turned out, we couldn't get them to take them off for bed time!

^^Papa kisses

Cheesing with me while trying out her new strider bike!

Then her two-year-old self put her favorite beach chair on and helped her Uncle Bj push the wagon up the hill. The things two-year-olds love to do...

Sometimes, I catch myself putting a lot of pressure on the traditions I create for our family. I'll feel bad about never getting around to hanging up a happy birthday banner or that I never make a cake for my kid or this or that. I'm realizing though, it doesn't really matter exactly what I do for our traditions, it's just important that we have them.

Happy Birthday, Naomi. Can't wait to hang out with you as my big TWO year old!

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